My neighbor

My first sex was with my next door neighbor grandma. She sit on the front porch everyday watching people go by and wearing a loose tee shirt. She doesn't wear a bra, I can see her boobs just hanging and nipples sticking straight out when is cold outside. I was 15 at the time and got to know her pretty well, very friendly, got to talk about girls and so on.

As time gone by one day she ask me if I ever have sex with any girl and I said no. I want to wait until marriage and settle down to start a family. She said would you like to know more about sex and how it feel. I replied back sure why not. The whole time she notice I was looking at her big boobs and nipples sticking out. She said do you like what you see, I said ya and wonder if you would let me touch it. She said I though you would never ask. I went over to her and I though I was going to touch her boobs through the tee shirt but she grab my hand and put it inside of the tee shirt and said does that feel soft and warm. I didn't know what to do and just drop my mouth. As I drop my mouth she tongue kiss me and said do you like that. Oh yes I do I replied back. She said lets go inside where no-one can see us.

I went inside with her, as soon as I step inside she pull down my pants and start sucking my cock. First I say no then she said is okay just enjoy it. My cock was soft but it didn't take long to get hard. I am standing by the door way with grandma sucking my cock. I got to the point I grab her head and just fuck her mouth. She said my legs is killing me, cause she was knelling down. So we went over to the kitchen table where I can lay down and she pull up a chair seating in front of me to give me blowjob. She ask if she could rub peanut butter on my cock so she can suck and lick it all off. I said sure do what ever you want. This may sound weird, she has jelly, whip cream, BBQ sauce, anything she can put on my cock so she can suck and lick clean. She even try to slip a bagels through my cock, but she end up cutting the hole larger so it can go in. She was using the bagel going up and down my cock while she is sucking the head of my cock. Oh boy did that feel good, guys if you having try it please do it, it feel so fucking good. She was sucking my cock for so long the next day it was hurting when I go pee. I though I have caught some kind of disease from her but the pain finally went away.

After she was done sucking my cock she said is my turn to take care of her need. We switch position, she got on top of the kitchen table and I am sitting on the chair. She said just lick my pussy like you do with a ice cream cone. Well hell I could do that I love ice cream cone. After licking for a while she open up her pussy lips with both of her hand and said see that little button on top, suck on it hard then lick it fast. I want you to keep doing that until I tell you to stop. She was moaning the whole time, grabbing my head pushing it down harder. I almost couldn't breath my mouth and my nose was so close to her pussy. She finally cum, cause my mouth and tongue were getting tired. Then she ask me to stick my finger inside of her wet pussy and pull it out and put it in my mouth. She said now you have tasted a woman pussy juices and does it taste good. I didn't know what it suppose to taste like so I said okay not bad. She said sunny you learn fast and you are good.

After that incident with grandma I keep going back to her whenever I can without anybody knowing what we were doing. That was my sex education class learned first hand experience.

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    • Oh I have had a couple of grandma's in my life and I think they are so sexy and I have never had such great sexual pleasure with any other girl like I have been enjoying with a grandma,
      I love those saggy breasts and hard long nipples and the huge clits that I can suck on all day and licking there loose butthole and I especially love when they take their false teeth out and give me the most pleasuring blow job a man has ever experienced

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