Kissing My Son

My son has never had a permanent girlfriend he said he was no good at chatting them up and kissing they said he is to clumsy, it was a shock when he asked me his mother to teach him how to snog a girl and not to tell dad he had asked, I am ashamed to say I did help him, at first he was tense, after several practice kisses he had the idea he just needed a bit of teaching it was nerves with him. I said I think we are done now he asked for once more time I obliged because I am ashamed to say I was enjoying it and getting wet, but this time he put his tong in my mouth and I let him probe my mouth for longer than I should have he slid his hand up the back of my tee shirt and started to unfasten mu bra, I didn't pull away I just let him do it he had my bra undone, I had to stop I was enjoying it to much I stood up quickly I noticed the bulge in his pants, If I hadn't have left the room I would have defiantly committed the ultimate taboo, the problem is my husband only satisfies me once between a week and ten days, he drinks, before me son leave in a morning we kiss an normal but on the lips to be honest I let him snog me its my sin, I am afraid I might weaken

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  • Nothing wrong with a practice kiss, but you have to leave it at that. I raised two boys, and in their mid/late teens, I could tell their hormones were raging. They were really huggy, clingy, and curious. I'd give them kisses, but I could tell when they were horny, because they wanted to have open-mouth kisses. Sometimes I'd kiss them that way for a few seconds, but always pulled away and said "that's enough."

    The posts here talking about sex are disgusting.

  • You really gave open mouth kisses

  • Try raising your son by yourself with no dad around in his life he began asking me questions I didn't want to answer. Raging hormones of a 14 /15year old always out of control then one afternoon after school he caught me at a weak moment and he asked about oral sex with a girl and what should he do, I tried to tell him the best I could without going into a great discussion and then he asked me if I would show him.
    Well ended up getting ate out by him after just telling him a few things he got it down pat and I had a hell of a orgasm on him and I think I scared him for he jumped up asking me if I was alright then had another big discussion about orgasms.
    Well it happened I ended up giving him a BJ and even let him have me three times showing him and hopefully teaching him how to be with a girl. Now he wants to sleep with me all of the time and when I give in to him he has his way with me again and again. I can't say no to him ever.

  • I dont see anything wrong. I sleep with my three daughters from ages eight. Their 9,11 and allmost 13...

  • Oh dude, let me know if any of your daughter's need more support

  • Dont feel guilty. I sleep with my daughters...

  • When my son goes out we hug and kiss briefly, he is in his late teens he kisses me in a very personal way, not thw way he should kiss his mother more like he kisses a girl friend intermit and sexually with our mouths open, I am going with it because it makes me sexually excited, we have moved on to tongs probing each others mouths, while we are kissing he rubes his hands up and down my back last time his hands were on my bottom, and I didn't stop him I couldent

  • My husband had neglected my needs for more than 6 months due to him fucking his teenaged secretary. I had kissed my son with my tongue in his mouth since he was about 6 years old. one morning, when he was 14, I was kissing him with my back against the hall wall. I felt his hand slide under my dress and make its way up my leg. I made only a half-hearted attempt to stop him. His hand reached my panties and pulled them aside. The next thing I remember was his cock sliding up my aching pussy. Then he began fucking me furiously. after 10 minutes, I felt his cock jerking as he shot his load up me.
    That night, after his father had gone to work, my son took out his cock and said he wanted to fuck me again. I lay on the sofa, with my skirt up and said that I needed a fuck, too. He fucked me 4 times that night, and I had two fantastic cums. Later, I gave him a blowjob and swallowed all his warm spunk.
    After that night, we fucked each other whenever we had the chance. Even after he married, my son came to visit me at least once a week and gave me a wonderful fucking. I'm 77 now, and my son still fucks me regularly, and he always brings me off by sucking on my clit before he pounds my pussy.

  • I sleep with my daughters.....

  • Darling your certainly going to end up dissapointed in tears you know it is terribly wrong but you secretly need him to start shagging you, stop it now or decide to continue and accept the suffering sooner or later. So sorry but you have to know the facts up front

  • Teach the boy every thing

  • Sorry taboo or not I let my son have me . It was a few months after my ex left us I had a 3 weekend from work and my son and head out Friday evening for my mom and dad's beach cottage . I drove the 3 hours there and we got settled in the cottage about 10 pm. We watched t.v and I drink enough wine to get tippsy. I went to the take a bath and groom my down stairs for my bikini . Out of the bath and wrapped in a towel my son yells from outside the door mom are you decent I need to pee bad . I replied yes and he ran in and behind the divider at the toliet to pee . We walks out by the tub and says mom what did you do referring to the short brown hairs in the tub . I said this and dropped my towel showing my naked body including the fresh shaven birth place oh my son . I looked at the shocked look on his face and his big eyes . I climbed on the bathroom counter top and stood up and told him. get over here and eat mom's pussy .

  • I use to let my son kiss me in a very personal way, it started normally at first then with our open and wet and he was the first do tongs on me, I am very ashamed to say I did it to him in return because I was so sexually excited and so was he you couldent miss the bulging in his pants, I had to put a stop to it when he put his hand up my skirt

  • The first time my 15 year old son kissed me passionately I let him have his way with me cumming deep into me three times that first day. Just about every single day since for the past 3 years.

  • When my son had his tongue in my mouth and his hand up my skirt, I let him continue. Within minutes, he was fucking me hard and fast. I cried out as I felt his young cock jerking off inside me. He was 15 at the time. God, I needed that fuck!

  • You should have let him fuck you.

  • Darling you should stick to his friends, my son went away to college just like most of the boys around here but two stayed and started working in their family business, my husband goes away a fair bit with work sometimes for three weeks interstate, I met up with one of these boys and asked him to come around to talk (talk I needed cock) he was inexperienced but I am training him and he is becoming a real great fuck, I just about have the other lad in the same situation but he is very shy, don't worry I am sure I will soon have his cherry, they are well built, fit and have stamina but need a lot of training in oral, vaginal and anal love just what I need they are going to be my toyboys.

  • My mother taught me how to kiss when I was about ten. Later, she taught me how to perform oral sex on her. When I was 12, I started getting errctions, and mom taught me how to make love to her. Those are some of my fondest childhood memories.

  • I think you are pretty close to having sex with the boy

  • I wish Brits would lose that disgusting sounding word snog

  • Brits HATE the word snog. Kids say snog. Therefore this post was written by a kid.

  • We say 'pash'


  • The kiss was okay, but the roaming hands weren't. You have to establish some barriers, because he wants to fuck you, Mom.

  • The only barriers a mother should establish are those that prevent her son fucking her when he has the need. A mother's cunt should always be available to her son.

  • My cunt is always available to my son, and has been since he was 13. He's 24 now, sleeps in my bed, and fucks me almost every night. He even fucks me when I'm having my periods, and that really makes me horny.

  • Is it really that wrong if they both want to

  • No it is not

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