Step Brother First

About a decade ago when I was young, 12 almost 13, step brother came into my room when I was at my dresser brushing my hair in just tee and panties. He was 16 and wanted to borrow five dollars. I got up and went to my purse to get the money when he says I sure was looking sexy. I say be quiet and give him the five dollar bill. He says no really, come here and grabs me by the shoulders and says look at yourself, as he points me at the mirror. He is standing behind me then he cups my breast over my shirt with his hands and says these are nice and he starts to squeeze them. He then moves one of his hands down over my panties and says he bets no guys have rubbed my pussy yet and he starts to over my panties, then under them, then we are on my bed, t-shirt gone, bra off, panties removed, he says he knew my pussy was still bald as he pushes my legs open. He is naked now, and he is popping my cherry.

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