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I’m a 45 year-old married woman and I’ve been working at an office for the past two years as an admin. assistant. This office happens to be a company that produces different types of erotic movies. I’m not judgemental so this didn’t bother me. One of the types of movies they produce are classy interracial movies, is how one of my bosses described it.
Several months ago I met one of the star actors on the company. He’s a very attractive, muscular and young black man. He was incredibly charming and would always bring me my favourite latte when he visited the offices.
I always dress nice for work and he wold always compliment me, something that my husband rarely does anymore.
Well one day this erotic actor offered to take me out to lunch at a really nice restaurant. I said I didn’t know if I should since I’m married. He assured me it was just a harmless lunch. We ended up going to this really classy place. The waitress ended up flirting with him the whole lunch but he only paid attention to me. That made me feel really amazing.
When we got into his car to drive back to the office, he leaned over and kissed me. It took me by surprise but for some reason I didn’t resist and kissed him back. He then put my hand on his crotch and I didn’t pull away. I could feel his very large penis through his pants. Next thing I know he pulled out this beautiful, huge black dick, I couldn’t resist and instantly went down on him. I blew him for quite a while until he came in my mouth. I swallowed all of his semen.
Since then he’s introduced me to several of his black co-stars and I’ve had sex with several of them, including 4 black guys at once one afternoon late in the office. They came in one evening all dressed in suits and smelling amazing. We went into the boardroom where they stood around me and I got down on my knees and blew them all. They then fucked me in every imaginable position.
I love my husband but I’m totally addicted to sex with these men. I keep telling myself I’m going to stop but every time one of them or several of them kiss me and drop their pants, all my defences melt away.
I’m not proud of my disrespect to my marriage vows but this has changed my life completely and I can’t seem to stop.


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  • Good for you! Get it like you want it. So you don't think I'm a hypocritte, by wife cheated a few times. One time was with a younger black guy. I told her I was ok with it.
    ...on a separate note, is your company hiring?

  • The admin staff in that place changes all the time. My boss is an egotistical asshole who thinks he’s all that.

  • Wife and her girlfriend go a beach resort for a week every summer. Her pictures usually have black guys on them. Who knows what she does there. No big deal. We're done have kids and we both have long leashes. It's a don't ask don't tell household -- just don't embarrass the family. Our friend Judy got caught having sex in sample home -- both married to others. Our rule "don't do a Judy."

  • Looks like lots of people do Judy

  • Judy is like this all American mom, wife who got caught doing the unthinkable.

  • Is she being blackmailed for sex? Hope so, all those hot MILF soccer moms and travel team sports, it’s a hotbed for sex. Single dads get all the sex they want from their own kids teammates moms. Coaches too. The moms will do anything for Susie or Brittany to get playing time. It’s great.

  • I coached for 10 years. Never took advantage. But moms do ask for playing time, never dads.
    Divorced parents hooked up for sure.

  • To the original poster, did you allow them to go bareback? How did that feel?

  • It is always without a condom, as they all get tested regularly for std’s. They wanted me to get tested actually at first but then since I keep it exclusive to only the guys that work in the company, they no longer ask me to do this. I keep with the same 10-15 black actors. I’ve been a secret fluffer for a few movie shoots lately, which I absolutely love doing. I get paid to be at work and have on occasion spent the whole day on set giving head and keeping their penises erect. It’s all off camera, so no one is the wiser.

  • Are you considering maybe doing your own movie? You're right there, not many people get this close to the filming industry.

  • No interest in doing movies at all. Unfortunately I’ve seen the downside of this business as well, not for me.

  • Tell us about the downside. The deaths of porn actors and actress that get old, nobody wants them anymore and the drug usage. Then they go home to a small Midwest town hoping to hideaway, but they get recognized and the whole town shames them. Their parents are the victim of a whisper campaign and no longer get invited to potluck dinners...and the church shuns them too.

  • Well I don’t know all of their personal stories but there is a lot of drug and alcohol abuse, I mean ALOT. Self esteem is low. If you really have a conversation with the black actors, you can see that they feel used, even more than the white male actors. Who’re guys are hired for looks and acting ability and black guys first and foremost for dock size. You’ll find plenty of attractive white guys in the company with averaged sized penises but not a single black guy that fits that description.

  • That should read white guys and dick size.

  • I know it’s terrible, but I too can’t resist a cock. Of any color. If you show it to me, I’ll suck it.

  • So you're a nigger loving slut, what's your point?

  • My wife is, she has a black boy friend who shares her with his friends.

  • See, nigger loving slut.

  • I’m the op, I didn’t post the comment directly above. Thanks

  • I like black pussy and I'm white. Know why? Because fuck them bitches, that's why.

  • Better hope your husband does not watch bangbus lol

  • I’m not OP, but that reminds me of a trip when I was young. I was 19 or 20, with my boyfriend and three of his friends. As the only girl, I knew I would be riding middle back seat, or bitch as it’s called haha, but I wasn’t expecting to fuck literally everyone in the car. They stopped a couple times and switched drivers, so everyone got a turn. I had to act like I was not that in to it for my boyfriend, but I was LOVING IT. This was before bangbus, but they had a name for it like that.

  • Oh no, i had to Google bangbus. Wife and I probable tell each other too much about sex before we met -- we sort of brag. Well early 20's "sowing my wild oats" she was bangbus. Mostly one guy in a van - her lawyer married boss - but once she was the grand prize for the employee of the month. That's so bad I sort of like it. Then 5 years later, we get married, build a new house in a ritzy development. Our neighbor has and Xmas party and guess who his best friend? The employee of the month. She just said he said he was a lawyer at the firm she worked -- that dog was 50 and fucked my gorgeous wife as a prize her boss gave out. She didn't tell me till after we moved because she was sure he told our neighbor she was his fuck prize.

  • Is this place hiring? I want some of this hot cock action!!

  • You will stop when you get a dose of the jack, silly bitch

  • Sex industry actors are regulary tested for STI's, fool.

  • Testing doesn't mean you can't get an STI, it just let's you know when you have something, FOOL.

  • Haters gon hate

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