My first time

The neighborhood I grew up in was small and there was only 4-5 other kids to play with, I was the youngest being a few years younger that everyone. I always wanted to fit in and one day while over at one their houses and up in the tree fort he asked me if I ever beat off. I had no idea what he was talking about and he then told me what it was and opened up his pants. He asked me to pull mine out and wanted to compare size, I went along with it and we were both standing there facing each other.
I was looking down at mine and over at his when he asked if he could touch mine, I just let him not knowing what else to say. He began stroking on me and after a few minutes he got down on his knees in front of me and began licking and sucking on me. I remember getting hard as a rock then it felt like I was going to pee but he just kept right on holding on to it and sucking. I had no idea what was happening then when he finally stopped he asked if I would do the same thing to him.
I knelt down in front of him staring at his penis, he even told me a few times that if I did not want to he was fine with it but finally I just started sucking on it. I was going slowly, it seemed like time stood still for a few minutes until suddenly I was gagging from him shooting his load into my mouth. He was happy and told me I did great so I figured this was something that friends did with each other and we did it a lot over the summer. There were some days we sucked each other off five or six times and I really had no idea what I was doing.

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  • My cousin touched me for the first time at 10 years of age. We boys slept
    together and that night my cousin 1 year older to me touched my penis and
    guided by hand to touch his penis. But the erection at a tender age was
    that exciting and twinkling I could do nothing but to catch my breath and
    stroke his penis and astonished to such massage. The second night also we
    stroked each other. Being small kids there was no cum. This continued
    till our holidays end and we parted to our homes.

  • My best friend and I both grew up way out in the country so when we got horny as young boys we took care of each other out in the woods. We liked sucking a dick on our knees and when we got old enough to cum it was easy to swallow each others cum.
    I let him fuck my ass the very first time he asked me. It felt great and I let him cum in my ass and after that for several years we gave each other a lot of oral sex and we always swallowed and he fucked me all the time and in High school when we were out for lunch he and I could drive out to the edge of town and park in this spot we knew and he would fuck me really quick and cum in my ass and I would have his cum in me all afternoon.

  • While in sixth grade I visited one of my classmate who is living by the riverside. We went to the river together for a bath. When in water my friend who is heavily built told me take a dip and look down at his shorts. I dived down and saw his cock hard and he playing with it under the water. Without thinking I gave a helping hand and coming up went back down and gave him some sucking and he too stoke my cock. But at that age there were no cum but we enjoyed each other.

  • After everyone was done, he went inside and fucked his mother hard. He had some stamina since he'd cum just a short time before. His mother moaned like a whore, as he pounded her pussy like there was no tomorrow.

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