Started young

I was around 12 and I was invited to camp out with some friends in the backyard of one of their houses. I was a little nervous but figured since I would be with the two of them and it was not to far from the house we had a place to go in case of any problems.
We got all settled in the tent and they broke out some porn magizines, I had seen a few so far but we used up the camp light reading and looking at pictures well into the night. We turned out the light and were talking a little when one of them asked me if I would let him play with my penis in the dark. I laid there for a second then for some reason told him okay. I did not know what to expect at all and I felt his hand on me then searching around for it. He rubbed me a little bit right thru my shorts then he slid is fingers down under my waistband and I felt them on me. He gripped me quite firmly and began just sort of stroking me, he let go and I felt some more movement then his fingers were on each side of my shorts and started pulling them down. He put them at about knee level then his hands found my hard penis again and began stroking it again. I then felt a warm wet mouth surrond my head and close down on it, he began sucking on me slowly and licking all around my head and shaft. I whispered to him that I did not realize you were going to do all of this to me and he did not stop sucking until I started to feel like I was going to orgasm. I told him I was about to cum and he just kept right on going and swallowed all of it sucking on me the whole time. I did not know what to do now and I just laid there staring into complete darkness while he continued slowly sucking me.
I heard other sounds now and could not figure out what was going on at first then realized that the other friend was sucking on him while he was on me. I was laying there on my back thinking that this was really a crazy thing to be doing but at the same time it felt absolutely fantastic. One of them reached over and found my hand then pulled it over to their penis, I slowly started stroking it lightly and running my fingers over the tip. I then felt another hand on mine and he pushed it away and I figured out that the two of them were now sucking each other at the same time. I laid there listening to the sucking sounds and then heard some moaning and swallowing sounds. I listened to the two of them for a minute then figured we were going to go to sleep but as I was just about to pull my shorts back up I felt hands on me again and seconds later one of them had my penis in their mouth again and began sucking on it. I slowly reached around wondering if one of them was close by and felt a leg, I started sliding my hand around and he moved himself closer to me. I started stroking and playing with his penis not truly knowing which friend was receiving it.
It seemed like a long time of getting sucked and I started having that feeling again and soon was having another orgasm, he sucked really hard and fast and I was trying not to make any noise at all but I know I was gasping a little bit from it. He finished up with a few more sucks and then everything got quiet, I pulled my shorts back up and laid there wondering what the hell just happened.
We did the same thing the next night staying up really late reading the same magizines over again and giving each other blow jobs. I really grew to enjoy it and to this day still enjoy sucking a cock in the dark but it is much harder to do now.


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  • We did about the exact thing, then a older brother caught wind and made me suck him privately. he was 19 huge and had a lot of cum. we had fun in the tent though

  • I was young when I did almost the same thing. The difference was I took over giving all of the blow jobs. Then I let the guys start fucking my ass. I even started wearing panties to our camp outs. I would camp with three of my friends and would let them use me all day and night. I remember how quickly after coming in me I could get them hard again. They would gladly give me all the cum to swallow that I wanted. They would have my ass leaking cum within hours of getting to the camp site. I enjoyed when they would take me from both ends at the same time.

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