Sucking a guy at the hotel

I was travelling and had an urge to give a guy head, I have done it before but back in my college days thirty some years ago. I looked on CL for some ads but nothing looked appealing so I posted an ad and wrote what hotel I was staying at and what I was looking for in a guy.
I got a response pretty quickly, photo was nice, age group I was looking for and to top it off he was in the same hotel as I. He sent another message like two minutes later asking me if I wanted his room number. I responded back yes.
I showed up at the room and he had left the door lock bar in the frame holding the door open, I went in and the lights were all off. I made my way over to the side of the bed and there was enough light to make out his skin. He was completely nude and I crawled up between his legs and began stroking and caressing his cock, after about a minute or less I leaned down and licked him a few times from his sack to the tip. They were hard licks pressing his cock into his torso, I then turned my head sideways and slide my mouth up and down the length of it. He let out some moans and I felt his hips moving around some. I went down to his balls and gave them a nice bath then sucked the whole sack into my mouth a few times. I went back up and teased the tip with my tongue for a bit then took the head into my mouth and slowly sucked him. He was really moaning now and told me that I was not kidding when I would give him a great sucking.
I slowed down and just barely sucked on his head, I would suck him into my mouth deep but not let the head touch the back of my throat. I kept my tongue wide and away just giving him a hint of touch. I remembered my roommate in college doing this to me and it felt great.
I kept up the edging and he finally began moving his hips and telling me that I was driving him crazy, I gave it a few more strokes with light mouth pressure then closed down on his head and began sucking him in hard long pulls. HIs breathing was coming in short fast gasps and I felt the warm shot from him fill my mouth, I began sucking and pulling on him hard with my lips and he was moaning and gasping quite a lot.
I kept on sucking on him and he grabbed my head and pushed it up while he told me that I had to stop sucking on him because it was far to sensitive. I overpowered his hands easily sliding my head back down and sucked his cock into my mouth. His hands and arms were no match for mine and I had them folded down across his torso with my arms across his thighs. I pulled hard on his cock with my mouth sucking and stretching it out. He told me holy fuck dude, you love to suck cock don't you. I kept up the sucking while I listened to him moan and gasp, he kept trying to get out from under me but soon he begged me to get off of him. I released his hands and sat up I then asked him if he wanted me to leave or did he want me to keep on sucking him. He told me he just needed a few minutes of recovery because his cock was way to sensitive after having an orgasm. I told him I would leave the head alone until he felt like I could suck on it again. He laid back down and I went down to his balls licking and sucking on them for a few minutes. He had not said anything but I started licking his shaft and then the head, he did not complain then told me that he thought it was good now.
I sucked him steadily until he had another orgasm, he told me that the head of his cock was numb and tingly when he came and there was no way I could keep on sucking it. I told him I hoped he had a great night and went back to my room, I thought it was fun myself.

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  • Sounds like fun! For both parties!

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