Summer after 6th grade

We were really getting into to camping, I grew up with two other guys and we were close in age but I was the youngest by about two years. We would set up a tent in the backyard of one of our houses and stay up until way after dark reading porn mags we found and took from one of my friends dad. We were doing just that one night and some time around midnight or later we decided it was lights out. It had been a strange night so far because one of my friends wanted to compare cock sizes and we all three did it. We kept reading mags then decided we were ready for sleep. Not long after it was dark I felt a hand touch my side, I asked, I will call him Tom, what was up. He whispered that he wanted to feel my cock and was it okay. I just did not even know what to say but somehow the word sure came out. His hand slid down to my shorts and then under them and his fingers wrapped around my cock. I was really nervous and then to my amazement I started reaching over for his and he already had it out, I think he took off his shorts and was naked. He was already hard and I began sort of just squeezing it and lightly stroking him.
We did this for a few minutes when suddenly I heard Rick ask us what we were doing, Tom whispered to him that we were doing the same thing that the two of us did last time we camped out. Now I was really nervous, the two of them had already done this and now Rick was sounding like he was going to join in with us. Rick asked if Tom was already being touched so as soon as he said I was stroking him he felt his way over and told Tom to let him play with mine. He stroked my cock for a few minutes then the next thing I feel is his warm tongue licking me then his mouth sucking on me up and down. I had no idea what was going to happen next but I just kept on stroking the one in my hand. I lasted only a few minutes and came, he never quit sucking on me and swallowed all of it, he kept on sucking slowly on me for a few minutes.
Tom then started moving around and asked me if I would suck on his, he told me to get between his legs so Rick could position himself over him. This was getting crazy but I just went with it because it seemed pretty fun at the time. I worked my way down and kneeled between his legs them found his cock again. I had no idea what I was doing but I started sucking on him like I thought it should happen, I could hear him sucking on Ricks cock while I was doing it. I had no idea what to prepare for so I just kept up the sucking until he came, I had some warning because he began grunting and his hips were lifting up some. I stopped moving my head a lot and just started swallowing, it worked out pretty good and I did the same thing to his that was done to mine and kept on sucking for a bit. Rick finished up and then I thought that we would all lay down and go to sleep but then Tom told me he wanted to suck on mine next, I know sooner laid down and he was searching down my body feeling for my cock. He sucked me right down and even licked and sucked on my balls as well, it took me quite a while to have another orgasm but wow did it feel great when I did have my second one.
We camped out often and always played with each other that whole summer, I sometimes got four blowjobs in one night because we would started earlier and keep going into the night.

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