I began sucking when I was young. I asked my older brother why my penis got hard sometimes and he explained it all to me. He then told me that having it sucked felt really great and he told me to lay back on my bed and he would show me. I was around seven and so he was thirteen at the time but as soon as his mouth sank down around my penis I had to admit there was nothing like that feeling. He sucked on me for a long time during that first one, I came twice but it was like half an hour of him sucking me. When he finished he asked me how that felt and did I want to suck on his. So there I was kneeling over his penis licking and sucking on it while he gave me instructions on what felt great. I sucked him off until he moved out years later and I sort of missed it.
One night I think in the junior high time frame I spent the weekend at a friends house while my parents went on a trip. We were talking about girls and looking at some porn he had stashed, I could see his hard on pushing against his shorts. I am not sure why but he then asked me if I wanted to touch each others cocks, I remembered how sometimes my brother and I would lay opposite of each other on the bed and play with ours at the same time. I told him we should do that and he agreed right away. He got up and turned off the lights while I laid down on his bed, he crawled back inside and we began feeling around in the dark for each others cock. I stroked him until he was really hard then leaned down and started sucking on him, he let out a gasp and told me how good that felt. He kept stroking me though and not sucking, I started getting right back into it again and soon he was bursting into my mouth. He told me again that he could not believe how good that felt and I let him have a few minutes of just stroking then started sucking on him again. I then felt his warm tongue like just the head of mine, I let him lick me a few times then I moved on his next lick pushing my head a little into his lips. He did not pull back at all so I pushed a little further with each lick and soon he was sucking while I pushed in and out slowly. After a few minutes I asked him if he wanted me to cum in his mouth or not and he responded with a murmur of yes and began sucking more on his own.
We stayed like that for quite some time just sucking on each other and we did the same thing the next night as well but this time when we went to bed as soon as he heard his dad snoring away in the next room he asked me to stand up and he kneeled down in front of me and started sucking on me. I had a great orgasm and we then did the same thing on the bed lying on our sides sucking each other thru a few orgasms.
I found myself really thinking about it again now that I am in my 50's so I finally found someone laid back and also likes to suck cocks. He is divorced so getting together is easy at his place and his cock is great, it is about eight inches and very wide. I love to lick it up and down its length and make him hard as a rock begging for more attention on the head. He had never been sucked for multiple orgasms before we got together and was amazed the first time he came and I just kept on sucking him. He was gasping and telling me over and over how good it felt to be made hard again. I also fulfilled a fantasy of his, he set up a sheet with a hole in it one day and he wanted me to just walk in and start sucking on him without any talking or seeing each other then just leave when I was done. I told him I would do this for him no problem and I had one for him as well, I told him that I wanted to tie him up and suck on him for as long as I wanted. I told him it could be a few hours even stroking him for while also, I had been tied up by my brother once and he sucking me for a really long time, the head of my penis was so red for at least a day. I wanted to do that with someone else for as long as I could remember. He agreed and when I showed up he did not back out at all, I tied him to each corner of his bed then blindfolded him. He was breathing really hard from all the excitement and probably a little fear but once I began sucking on him he calmed down a little bit. After his first orgasm I turned around and put the head of my penis against his lips, he responded right away opening up and sucking on me. He was gasping when I would suck on him though with his head still stimulated from cumming.
I looked over at the clock radio when I started and mentally recorded the time, two hours later with five orgasms swallowed he was breathing so hard when he came for the sixth time that I thought he was going to pass out. HIs cock was red from a few inches below the head to the tip and he was gasping with each suck of it but he did not beg me to stop, instead he told me a few times that he could not believe I was still sucking on him. I had the best time of my life that day watching his body thrust around and his cock pulsate in my mouth over and over. He told me that no one in his life had ever pleasured him so much while I slowly licked and sucked on his balls waiting for him to catch his breath after number seven. I asked him if he was done and he replied back that it was totally my choice as agreed. His head sank back and he let out a long moan as I swallowed is cock again and began sucking hard on it, I took a long drink of water which I did often while sucking on him that day and the coolness of my mouth made him gasp again. I only gave him one more orgasm then untied him but he told me again that he could not believe how long I sucked on him and how good it felt.


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  • Hate to break it to you dude, but you might be gay.

  • I consider myself bi-sexual but even then I have never gone beyond oral with guys, never kissed or anything else. I think to be truly gay you have to feel a love connection with someone of the same sex and what I do is pure oral sex.

  • I have stories...

  • Well do tell.

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