I am in fourth grade and there is this girl she was very pretty and she was wear skinny jeans and so we were in line going to lunch this kid decides to grab her jeans and pull them down and she was camando. the kid wouldn't allow her to pull her jeans up. all the kids ran out laughing i i didn't. i grabbed the kid and picked him up off his feet and threw him into the chalk board. i than went to the girl and pulled her jeans up. i said i am sorry. i said can i talk to you after school. so we went to a little dinner and talked. i said do you need to use the rest room she said yes. i went in the ladies restroom with her and we went in to a stall together and we had sex. i took advantage of her when she was the most vulnerable. am i a bad guy for this

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  • How many years have you been in fourth grade?

  • Do u have s n a p

  • She might not even be old enough, or able to get pregnant yet either. I'd try to fuck her some more.

  • At least come up with a better lie. Grade 4 you’re 9. You’re not taking any one to dinner let alone fucking the.

  • She was wearing skinny jeans which everyone knows are hard to pull up and down but yet someone was able to pull them down fast enough that she couldn't react and was embarrassed in front of everyone? And of course she wasn't wearing any panties cause yup sure. And you just white knighted and tossed the guy around. And you fucked her in a diner bathroom...yeahhh sure, sounds legit. The real story is there's a girl with skinny jeans that you get a boner for so you wrote this "I, the hero" fiction ...smh

  • Something like this happened to me in elementary school. That’s how I know you’re lying.

  • This really happened and i feel like shit because she was vulnerable and i took advantage of her. i need to know did i do anything wrong at all. the kid ended up being expelled from the school. i do know i did break that punk kids Wright arm.

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