Adventures in cuckolding

Lisa and I have had several get togethers with men so far and at first we just found the guys in adult mag,s that ran adds.
Not all of them were fantastic and this is about one of those.
Her and I have subscribed to west coast swingers and we get a mag every month and for several nights we go through the men's adds to see what is out there.
So far we have done about 8 guys but this is the fourth guy we picked he went by Al and we agreed to meet in a bar off Soscole Ave in Napa and he said that he would be wearing a white Polo shirt and blue jeans.
He is about the same size as my in the cock department but at that time big cocks were not what we were looking for.
Lisa was very excited she loves this wife sharing since I talked her into it And as soon as we stepped inside of the bar and our eyes adjusted to the light Lisa grabbed my arm and said there he is her hands clenching tightly to my wrist.
I followed her gaze and this guy was standing up looking back at us.
Lisa bubbled in excitement saying god what a hunk.
Larry in truth had a nice body he looked to be in his late 40,s or early 50,s but in very good shape and his smile of welcome was a winner.
Lisa hurried over taking his hand and introduced us and he and I shook hands as he looked over Lisa approvingly.
She had on this pull over very light peasant dress with no bra and her nipples were as hard as pebbles clearly visible through the thin material much to Al,s delight.
We talked for only a short while and our body language must have made us obvious because people were giving us strange looks now so I said we better go and we left the bar and went outside.
Lisa told Al I want to suck your cock so Al asked where and I suggested the community college parking lot it was off the road and out of site.
The gate was open so we drove to the back of the parking lot Lisa was as hot as a fire cracker had she had Al,s cock out stroking it next to me .
She was bragging about how many guys she had fucked so far and had the last adult mag out pointing out the guys we had met with so far.
Lisa and I are in our mid 20,s with one child a girl 2 years old and Lisa is on birth control until we get ready for more children.
I stopped and we were laughing it was wide open back here and anyone could see us if they came by but Al opened the back door and dropped his pants because Lisa wanted to suck his cock and I laid my jacket on the ground for her to kneel on and soon she was sucking noisily on his dick and he and I were watching her and talking when the security guard came around the building.
He drove over to us as Lisa stood straightening her dress because Al had the front below her breasts playing with them as she sucked on his cock.
Well the security guard seamed to be very embarrassed but told us we had to leave so we got back into the car and Al said in Vallejo there is a motel 6 lets go there and I will get a room so away we went with Al now in the back seat to give us more room and Lisa was looking in the back talking to him when Al said I want to eat your pussy and Lisa whimpered and crawled over the seat and into the back.
I was torn between wanting to watch and trying to drive and at Marine World turn off I has slowed down to take the exit when some guy must have been trying to see what was going on in the back seat.
Larry had his head under Lisa skirt licking her twat noisily and Lisa was moaning in pleasure then I was rear ended but the guy pulled around us and was gone just like that.
Lisa or Al never even paused as Lisa was clawing at the back of his head hunching his mouth my mind was on fire now wanting to see what was going on as I pulled up in front of the office .
Al was still eating pussy and Lisa was grunting in pleasure so I dashed in and paid for the room on a ground floor then I came back out as Al disengaged from Lisa and she was panting with a sweet smile on her beautiful lips that had been wrapped around his cock a short time ago and we hurried into the room .
Al had Lisa naked in a flash and up on the bed and he stripped nude his uncut cock hard as nails and Lisa opened her legs for him and in seconds he was fucking her like a machine her pussy was very wet and made delicious sucking sounds as his cock slipped in and out of her they fucked like that for only a short time and Lisa went off again in orgasm then in just a few moments Al came grunting and grinding his pubic mound against hers.
We talked for awhile and found out that Al is raising his grandson because his daughter is on drugs then Lisa got out her adult mag again and started pointing out the guys she wants to fuck next until he was ready again they fucked in different positions then Doggy Al has great control so Lisa had several orgasms then Lisa said I want both of you in me at the same time so we tried several ways both of us have medium sized cocks so things weren't working out so well but when I got on my back and she straddled my hips with my dick I her then leaned forward Al straddled my thighs and I could feel his balls against mine as he tried to get his cock into her .
He did get his cock head into her a couple times but that was it then he evidently decided to try her bung hole and Lisa said not there Al No Al not there god dammit I said not there then she grunted deep in her throat and fell forward onto me and Al,s balls began slapping against mine and I knew that he was butt fucking her Lisa began to jerk uncontrollably as his dick plumbed her asshole then I could feel his cock bumping against mine inside of her and I started Cumming god it felt so good I came harder than ever before but poor Lisa was rigid on top of me grunting with each of his strokes until he started Cumming.
I tried to see if I could feel his cock pulse as he came and maybe I did or maybe it was just my imagination,
Lisa was pissed and refused to talk to him after that so he showered then she did and he was sorry but he said he just couldn't stop once he started and I knew how he felt but we took him back to his car and dropped him off and went home and paid the baby sitter and I took her home.

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