Had threeway with friend's parents

I recently spent a week staying with a best friend of mine. We grew up together, have known each other since we were 6, but she moved away with her family a few years ago. We're 19 now. I visit them every summer.

I stayed in the guest room, and one night I couldn't sleep and walked down to get something to drink from the kitchen. I had to pass through the living room and caught my friend's mom Lisa giving her husband Paul head. It was an omg moment for sure. When they realized I was there, Lisa just smiled and pointed at his dick, like she was offering me to come over or at least watch. I wasn't sure.

My friend's parents are almost like second parents to me. They've known me since I was little. They are really nice, and yes, Paul is a total DILF type, 48, fit, muscular, sexy tattoo sleeves on both arms, shaved head, salt and pepper goatee. Seeing his cock was amazing. It wasn't long, but it was thick, with a slight curve to it.

I went over and watched Lisa suck him for a bit when she asked if I wanted to try. I went down on him, but tbh I was worried if I was doing it good enough. I'd only given head to one guy in my life. Lisa took off my panties and got underneath me and licked my vagina. The circular motions her tongue ran across my clit got me craving to fuck.

We switched positions and I got on top of Paul and mounted him while he ate out Lisa. I told him to let me know when he was close, because I wasn't on the pill. I rode him for a few minutes when he grabbed me by the hips and lifted me off of him as his cock shot five or six thick ropes of cum on my abdomen and pussy. He looked so sexy when he came. While he recuperated he got me off orally.

I was satisfied albeit exhausted and went back to bed glowing. My friend has no idea that I had sex with her parents, but it was something I'll never forget.


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  • I used to give my friend's dad bjs on sleepover nights. His mom actually caught us once and she watched many times after that

  • I can believe that. Mainly because I too fucked my bestfriends mother. I spent the night with my bestfriend when were 17 and Junior in high school. We came back around midnight and about 1AM I crashed on the couch. About an hour later his parents came in and didn't realize I was on the couch. His mom sat down right on me. She was drunk and forgot I was staying. She laughed and looked at her husband saying she could fuck me. I didn't know what she was talking about but before I knew what was going on they drug me into their bedroom. She stripped in a flash and pulled me between her legs pushing my head down kn her snatch. I licked her and then stripped my clothes off. She got on top of me and rode the shit out of me while her husband watched. I never said anything to anyone ever. I don't even think they remember it was me. They were both so drunk.

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