Neighbour is watching

I’ve known my neighbor Lisa for six months, she is a single Mum two children.
She let me know she was having a few friends round for drinks and I was welcome.
I know she was only saying I was welcome because it was going to be a late one and noisy.
Being honest I had no interest in turning up but leading up to the date whenever we bumped into each other she would say, you’re still coming!
It’s now drinks night and I could hear music and voices, I thought I will quickly show my face and be on my way.
I popped in and after about 40 minuets I said I’m not staying going to see my parents, she thanked me for coming and just before I was about to leave she said oh let me introduce you to Emma she is my best friend.
She was a little drunk but could still manage a conversation, usual questions where do you live, what do you do for work I said I better be going.
She then said Lisa has told me all about you, when you go out in the garden for a cigarette, not sure I follow I said, you know she said you have a wee.
(This is true I do have a piss when I’m out in the garden having a smoke)
Oh I said, didn’t release I could be seen thanks for the heads up.
Oh no it’s not a problem, Lisa always tells me when she has seen you and I’m a bit jealous I haven’t.
Fancy showing me she said, laughing I said I’m not sure about that, come on Lisa told me it’s a nice one.
Trying to get out of it I said I can hardly show you hear! Fine she said we can go outside then, she lead me outside and people were drinking outside side, she has quickly turned around and lead me out the front door.
Let’s go to your house, as soon as the door is closed she is unbuckling my belt, trouser buttons ripped open and my cock is now in her mouth.
She is going at it like a porn star! As she is sucking my cock she is taking off her knickers under her dress, come on put it in, both of us standing up she’s guiding my cock into her pussy.
After a few minutes we are on the floor, her legs around my shoulders and I’m in deep, I’m smashing her, she now has both hands behind my head encouraging me with facial expressions to fuck her, pumping away I can see she is holding her breath, I’m taking big long deep thrusts then I stopped deep inside her and she was cumming.
It was like she was holding me in a wrestling position and was not letting go, finally her legs relaxed and I quickly pulled out and cum over her bald pussy, OMG OMG she kept saying, put it back in, I slid back inside her until I went completely soft, her pussy looked wrecked!
I was expecting her to say something very different to what she next said “can’t wait to tell Lisa” that was fucking amazing.
The dust has now settled and I’ve not seen her since and I’m still pissing in the garden!

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  • Never still got me cock deep in Lisa but I will some day and boy will she get some load a cum deep in her sexy body .

  • Damn you have some magic going on here

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