It still seams so unreal

My wife and I had been married for 10 years and we had never taken a honeymoon to date but we decided for our 10 wedding anniversary we would do it so we found a sale going on for the Island of Marco Island and we booked it for a week.
The day was long and it took forever checking into the airport and going through customs then the long flight to Florida and the hassle on the other end going again through the same thing again .
We were getting a little worn out by the time we took our short hop out to the Island and after checking in we were almost to tired to consider eating but we decided that on our first night we should at least check out the beach and it was beautiful.
We felt better so we showered and decided to eat after all and went downstairs to the dining room and took a table.
We were seated beside an older couple and when they found out it was our honeymoon they bought us a drink . ( Lisa and I are very light drinkers ) but what the hell we were supposed to be enjoying ourselves and after out glass of dinner wine we were both a little tipsy and decided to go to the bar and dance awhile and Lisa was out on the dance floor on every dance and was only at the table long enough to gulp a few sips of her drink before some guy whisked her out to the dance floor again.
We had drinks all over the table now from good wishers buying us drinks and I was getting more than drink and poor Lisa finally sat down her eyes slightly glazed from drink and exhaustion She was breathless from dancing and I was looking around the room wishing it would stop turning when Lisa's head hit the table .
She had passed out I struggled to my feet and managed to get Lisa on her feet but her knees were weak and she would give way and almost fall as we made out way to the elevator when a firm hand on my shoulder and a deep voice said looks like you need some help there friend and this big black man was there smiling down at me.
I gratefully let him lift my wife like a rag doll and he asked where to buddy and I looked at my key card and said 5th floor room 502 and he let me hang onto his arm for balance as we entered the elevator I could hear him talking but it was all jumbled up boy was I all fucked up.
I remember only sketches of the evening I remember giving him the card to open our room and he helped me to set on the love seat facing the bed then he laid my wife on the bed with her feet hanging over the edge
He was still talking and it was like an out of body experience as he began to undress her looking back at me as he did and talking I would loose it some time and I remember watching him lift her bare legs up over his shoulders and I saw his very big cock in his hand as he watched me .
Lisa was like a rag doll her breasts pointed at the ceiling then she grunted when he entered her and I became focused for awhile watching his cock appear then disappear in my wife and Lisa's breasts were now swinging in circles as he fucked her for it seamed like forever .
It was fascinating watching this and I never once felt like it was real just something to watch there were times when he would fuck her really fast then slow down and when he would really go fast her breasts would flop up and down.
I heard him grunt and thrust into her and I remember thing he must be cumming now as he pulled her tight against him and his ass muscles tightened up and he made several more quick thrusts into her gasping for breath just stnding there now pulling my wife tight up aginst him until his cock slipped out of her.
I watched in a trance as he tucked his cock back into his shorts still looking at me then he pulled his pants up and was gone.
I must have passed out then and when I woke up the sun was shining into our room and I looked and Lisa was still in the same position with her legs hanging over the edge of the bed.
I had a headache but then the evening came back to me so I got up and walked over to check and sure enough her pussy hair was mated with his sperm and his cum had leaked out of her during the night leaving trails of dried sperm both of her legs.
For some reason it still did not feel real as I made coffee and found a wash cloth to clean her up with and as I was washing her private parts she came awake groggily and askes what are you doing looking at me owlishly her eyes bloodshot.
I brought her a cup of coffee nd we moved to the desk and sat down.
Lisa said O MY GOD I feel like hell and I felt that way to as we drank our coffee and Lisa kept rubbing her pussy through her panty's and she said my god I am sore today then I told her that the guy that helped us up to the room must have fucked her but I let her believe that I was passed out to and she was hopping mad wanting to call the police but we later decided that then everyone would know she had been raped so we decided to be quiet about it.
Later though she began to ask me what he had looked like and she wanted to see him for herself but although we looked all over we never found him .
I am not sure what we would have done if we had found him though.
To this day I still can close my eyes though and see it happen all over again.


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  • Something similar happened to us, although we weren't drinking that much, but were quite tipsy. We were on a trip and one night returned back to hotel very late after dinner and younger (early-mid 20s) was now working at front desk. Me and wife were 41 and 37.

    Wife flirted with him a bit, which in her case was pretty unusual, but blame the drinking. I would say he was ok looking, nice smile, etc., but only average height and bit overweight, but also well dressed. Wife continued to flirt and they kissed, first kiss tame, but then more passionately. I jokingly said she must really want you! Never kisses me like that!

    Once in room me and wife had a few more drinks before falling asleep passing. Some point (hour later? hour and half?) guy from front let self into room, I realized who it was and didn't stop him. he pulled panties off wife and both he and I began fingering her. she groaned with pleasure but was barely awake.

    he tossed off his pants and got between her legs. there was enough light in the room taht I could see that his dick was average length (no longer than mine) but clearly thicker.

    I layed there next to them, too drunk and out of it to stop things, as he fucked her. it was a long, slow fuck and she soon realized what was happening. she was shocked, but gave into the pleasure, wrapping her legs around him and moving with him. it was amazing sight and I couldn't help rubbing and caressing his fat butt as he fucked my wife.

    his fat dick gave her several orgasms before he slowed, got a huge smile and came right into her.

    next day wife admitted it had been great, but she was also quite ashamed to be fucked by a man she didn't know.

  • I know that dream state. I’ve woken in it. There’s a man on top, a blur, an ache in your pussy... then darkness again... only to actually wake the next day and feel cum dribbling out of you

  • Put your wife on and I will talk with you both!

  • I cant do that she will see that I watched the whole thing and will probably be pissed at me.

  • Go to the one above called Web cam, we can talk there!

  • Larry said that you wanted to talk to me. I am Lisa his wife...

  • Hello Lisa are you there?

  • I am now getting Larry ready for work he told ma yesterday you wanted to talk to me but I guess we just missed each other.
    H is still here if you want to talk now if not I will try again later after e leaves for work.
    We are on pacific time here. S set time if you want and we will try to meet it if we can.

  • Hello I'm here

  • I'm busy few the next few hours I can speak later?

  • That was supposed to be for the next few hours

  • I told her yesterday ad she was mad at first but we talked t over and she is willing but still asleep right now. and I am drinking coffee ready to go to work.

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