He gave my wife his number

It was Lisa’s bday not her real name and I had booked a room in the star casino for the night as she loves to gamble and dress to impress
We got down into the city early in the day so Lisa could have a look around and pick out a new outfit for the night ahead
She walked me around from shop to shop for what felt like hours but all was good Lisa was so happy with what she had brought as was I she has a amazing body for a 45 year old lady big natural boobs little dark nipples curvy tight bum and long legs that go all the way up to her beautiful shaved pussy lips are so fat and always moist mmmmmmmm
Anyway Lisa brought a long black body hugging dress with splits up each side exposing all the way up to hips while she walked and when she sat in a chair her whole side of her thigh was visible to any wandering eyes mmmmmmso sexy.
We had a few pre drinks in our room while Lisa was getting dressed for the night before us she looked amazing dressed in all black , thigh high black silky stockings and high heels just looking at her I knew she would be getting hit on all night and getting plenty of free drinks I’m in for a treat
Anyway we were having a great time winning a bit of coin when we decided to go back to the room to have a quick joint then head back down for some more gambling we got to the room and Lisa handed me a business card with a sexy message and a phone number she was all excited but not as much as me
I convinced Lisa to call the number while on loud speaker to see who was on the other end,a guy answered straight away he sounded like he was playing the pokies he had a very strong accent maybe Lebanese he was offering Lisa himself saying he would pay anything to party with her she looked at me and I nodded at her to do as she pleased
Lisa was already so tipsy and so horny she agreed to meet him in the pokies room I was so hard and she knew how turned on I was getting knowing what she was about to do she had always had fantasies about me sharing her with another man mmmmmmmm
I let Lisa walk in ahead of me so I could watch them meet from a distance she is so fucking hot ass swaying all the way
A older man approached Lisa straight away and they sat down at a machine together she had one of her legs fully exposed and I could notice she had taken her panties off she was naked under the dress the dirty slut mmmmmm
Almost straight away he had his hand rubbing up the inside of her thighs and it looked like he was fingering her right there Lisa was twitching all over the place he must have had few fingers in her as she looked like she was Orgasming intensively on his hand I was starting to pre cum in my pants I had to go to the toilet to rub my throbbing cock,nearly didn’t make it as soon as I got it out I blew my load in the trought I cleaned my self and walked back to see how Lisa was getting on and noticed the two of them walking towards the lift back to our room she is so bad she wants his cum
I let them go and waited for 15 minutes at tables chatting up a pretty little Asian girl in a tiny little mini dress she could see how horny I was with my cock bulging in my pants she was very keen for some fun as she grinding her bum on my cock I didn’t know to do should I go and fuc the hot Asian or go help the old Leb fuck my Lisa
I thought I can have girl anytime but not going to get to see Lisa getting fucked by another guy so I was off to my room
I opened the door and looked down the hallway to see a big st off hairy balls slapping against Lisa big wet puss lips from behind she was moaning uncontrollably telling him to grab her boobs I just watched as I slipped my pants off and started rubbing my dick in the hallway he pulled out of her and he was huge I had never seen a cock so long and fat it’s head was purple and the size of a big peach can’t believe it was in her pussy
He flipped Lisa around on her back and was repositioning her with a pillow under her ass when he saw me he said hi and he loves my wife and will be gentle he spread her legs and leaned his weapon on her lips and slowly started rubbing it over them she was going mad trying to push herself onto his big cock head so he let her guide it in mmmmmm only took her a couple pushes and he was fully in her and that’s when he took over he was fucking her all nice and slow and gentle and then all of a sudden just started thrusting in and out of her like made she was screaming with pleasure it went on for about 3 minutes and she pushed him away she was squirting cum every time she twitched the old guy looked at me and I said pump her full of ur cum he started wanking his huge cock and could see he was getting so close I stepped over and grabbed his cock it was so slippery with Lisa’s cum I rubbed it only for a bit and could feel it about to explode I pushed it back in her puss and let him fully unload in her he finally pulled out with a river of white cum oozing out and running down over her ass that’s when I rubbed his cum on my coc head and pushed it in Lisa’s cum covered ass only to pump my load straight away in there
Lisa could not move old mate got dressed thanked us both asked to do again in the near future and left $5000 on the table for Lisa
Never been back yet fuck you covid

4 months ago

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    • At a crowded beach area bar my wife Kathy and I get split up. There's bar stools open on the opposite side of the long horse shoe bar. We'll meet back up later, we both want to sit. She has her favorite slut dress on, I only let her ware it on vacation. She's 42 and hot as fuck. I see an athletic guy 15 years younger hitting on her, and she's loving it. She's done this before but I'm usually right there to rescue her hussy ass. He's feeling up her ass, and she licking her lips -- I know that's her 'i'll suck your dick' subconscious working. Looks like they're ready to leave, I better jump in. It's little awkward when her young buck see her husband. She's pretty drunk and we have some amazing sex. A month later I pressed her about her young buck that night. She doesn't lie. She said his bucket list had get dick sucked on the beach during a full moon and she was going to check that off. Hey I was drunk, he was a rock star, I actually totally forgot I was married.

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