My neighbor

My wife and I are pretty open sexually and have had threesomes and foursomes with a couple while on vacation. We were at one of our neighbors pool party and have been friends with the couple for a few years now. We stayed late and helped clean up a little bit and I noticed that my wife had taken off her bathing suit and was not just wearing her cover up. I am sure she was getting tired of the wet bathing suit but between the open front and the mid thigh length she might as well have been naked. Every time she bent over to pick up something you could see her breasts and her body right down to her knees.
We finished cleaning up the pool area and I walked into kitchen to find the two women kissing and my wife had a hand up under the neighbors shirt. They stopped kissing and looked over at me but the hand groping continued. I asked how things were going in here and Lisa[Neighbor] told me that things were going great. I then asked if we were leaving sooner or later. My wife then responded that Lisa's husband was passed out on the bathroom floor upstairs and she is really turned on and wants to come back to our place.
I drove us all back to our house and watched both of them strip walking to the bedroom upstairs, I sat down on the chair in our bedroom and watched the two of them kiss and lick each other into orgasms. Lisa looked up from between my wife's legs and asked me if I would give her a good f@ucking from behind. I got up and took off my clothes then walked around behind her, my wife was looking at me as I slowly rubbed my cock on Lisa's lips getting it nice and lubed up. I enjoyed watching my wife getting pleasured while I slowly stroked in and out of Lisa, her head dipped down a few times and she moaned out. After a few more minutes she told my wife how lucky she was to have a cock this big to play with, she then told us that she could fit her husbands cock completely erect in her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down as I began stroking a bit faster and harder and soon her ass was going backwards pushing into me making it harder. I then felt her hand rubbing her clit and she had given up pleasuring my wife and just had her face sideways on her pubic area. My wife made some comment about Lisa having a really great time, she sat up and started running her fingers under her caressing her nipples. Lisa began moaning and screaming in little chirps as I felt her contractions around my shaft, I kept on pumping away as she slurred out some Oh my gods and fuck this feels good. She leaned forward and pushed my wife back down sliding up her body and collapsing down on top of her. I stood there with an erect cock looking down at both of them and my wife motioned me to come up on the bed. Lisa slid to the side a little bit and my wife reached out and pulled my cock to her mouth. I was on my hands and knees over both their heads now pushing my cock in and out of her mouth.
Lisa turned her head and looked at the scene merely inches from her face and reached up grabbing the base of my cock. She told my wife that she wanted to swallow me after giving her one of the best nights of sex in a while. She leaned forward and after a few sucks her forehead was against my pubic hair, my wife looked up at me with her mouth wide open in amazement as Lisa kept sucking me in and out of her mouth swallowing all of me.
I started to orgasm and she just plunged her mouth down and swallowed me whole keeping my cock head down her throat for my orgasm. My head was being squeezed to tightly by her throat it felt like it was going to pop right off the end. We all laid down after that one and my wife was between us, she looked at me and asked me how that one felt and I told her it was really good. She told me she could not believe that Lisa swallowed my entire cock, she told me that she could see my cock bulging the bottom of her throat like halfway down.
I woke up to Lisa sucking my cock and I looked around for my wife then heard the shower going. She finished up swallowing me whole again and then jumped up to join my wife in the shower.
What a great night and morning.


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  • Reminds me of when I shared my wife with my neighbor just after we got married.

  • If i were there i would jump in a suck your cock too. So hot. You turned me on so much mister

  • Great story.

  • Sounds like an awesome time, brother.

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