My ultimate humiliation.

This is an unfortunately TRUE story. I’ve taken some pains to tell it as I saw it.

Two decades ago when I was just out of high school I used to hang out with a neighbor, named RJ. He was a couple years older and I used to like hanging out with him because he would do things I wasn’t near brave enough to do. He kicked a lot of ass, boosted cars, broke into houses, and sold drugs. The guy lead an exciting life.

One evening another friend, Dan and I were over at RJ’s house. We had just broken into a bag of weed and were getting high when there was a knock at the door. It was Patty, a girl I knew from high school. She was a pasty, pudgy and shy girl. She had come to the house to buy some weed off RJ. She clearly didn’t know what she was doing because she stood in the hallway with a bunch of money in her hand and a lost look on her face. RJ walked up to her, snatched a bunch of cash out of her hand, reached into his pocket and gave her the half finished bag of weed we were using. She stood there looking at the bag but was too timid to say anything and left. Dan and I followed RJ into his room while he laughed. He had sold her half a bag of weed for God knows how much.

Five minutes later Lisa came storming into the house and right into RJs room. Lisa was not like Patty. She was a force to be reckoned with and a bit of a bitch at school! But she was gorgeous, tall, thin with nice tits and long brown hair that fell to the middle of her back. I guess she and Patty were in her car outside hoping to score some weed before they went off to a party. Lisa was wearing some peach colored skirt and black button-front vest that managed to somehow hold her tits in place. She came into the room holding the bag of weed and pointing at RJ. She walked up to him yelling to his face. RJ just stared at her. Finally Lisa threw the bag at him, wheeled around and slapped him in the face. RJ got pissed, grabbed Lisa by the front of her vest and pushed her hard! She tumbled backwards across the bed landing on her head right in front of me, her legs almost kicking me as she fell upside down, half on the bed, half on the floor. I grabbed her flailing leg and looked down at her. Lisa was NOT wearing anything under skirt. Her skirt had flopped down and I found myself staring at her completely bald pussy between her widely spread legs. I stared at it in disbelief as she SLOWLY made her way back to her feet. When she got up she whipped around, pointing her finger at RJ, mad as hell and yelling. What she didn’t realize was that the buttons on her vest had all popped and she stood there yelling at RJ with her right tit hanging out! She then walked back to the other side of the bed and got back in RJs face. RJ was having none of it now and pushed her by the shoulders back onto the bed. Lisa grabbed RJs hair as she fell back onto the bed, the two yelling at each other. RJ was now positioned between Lisa‘s legs while she tried to kick and pull his hair. Dan grabbed one of her legs to try to keep her from kicking, and I grabbed her arms to try to settle her down.

So there was Lisa; me holding her arms over her head - her vest now wide open, tits bouncing up and down yelling at RJ. Dan on the other side of the bed hold one of her legs and RJ standing between her legs yelling back. RJ then suddenly shut up, looked at her and started thrusting his hips against her. He lifted up the bottom of Lisa’s skirt, exposing her pussy and continue to bang hard against it with his crotch. Lisa kept yelling at him while RJ just mocked her repeatedly banging his crotch against her pussy. He then stuck his tongue out at her. While staring at her with his tongue out he slowly got to his knees and gave Lisa’s exposed pussy a big slow deliberate slurp while she bucked and thrashed. He looked up at her, smiled with his tongue still out and gave her pussy another low long slow slurp. He then started seriously tonguing her snatch. Lisa yelled and thrashed but then started to mellow. Her breathing started getting heavy. I could feel the fight leave her arms as she started saying “oh yeah”. I remember staring at all this in excited amazement. As Lisa started to moan I let go of her left arm. She took it and wrapped her hand behind RJs head as he continue to tongue her. He then stood up and undid his pants. While looking at her, he stroked his cock a bit then plunged it into Lisa’s pussy and started to fuck her. I watched as Lisa started to buck against him. I stood there holding Lisa‘s right arm, while Dan held her left leg and RJ fucked her with fury. After a minute RJ looked over at Dan, started giving him head motions and pointing at his pants. As RJ started to cum, Dan pulled his own pants down and started prepping his cock. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I just stood at the end of the bed, holding Lisa’s arm while RJ finished cumming inside her. He pulled out and Dan and RJ switched positions. Dan then slid into Lisa‘s pussy. Dan fucked her fearlessly while Lisa laid there, I don’t think she was as into Dan fucking her as much as she was into RJ. And then it occurred to me, I’m next! Holy shit, I wasn’t thinking about this! I let go of Lisa‘s arm as Dan started winding up and I walked nervously towards the other side of the bed. I watched Dan pull out and cum on Lisa‘s belly (the guy had a lot of cum!). I put my hand down my pants and started stroking my cock.

Just as Dan finished cumming Lisa said something that I have never been allowed to forget. As Dan gave his last spurt, Lisa said “well, I need to get going“. I stood there at the end of the bed with my hand in my pants as Lisa sat up. RJ reached into his closet and pulled out a fresh bag of weed for Lisa. She got up, grabbed the bag with one hand while trying to hold her vest closed with the other. She then reached up, wrapped an arm around RJ’s head and planted a seriously deep kiss on him. While she was kissing him I couldn’t help but notice the huge wet stain on the back of her skirt, a sight I’ve never forgotten. She then turned and left the house...and that was that. One of the most unforgettable half-hours if my young life.

Like I said I hung out with RJ because I thought he led an exciting life. I’m sure he’s doing jail time now, or is the CEO of a major corporation.

Me, it took forever to live down the words “well, I need to be going“.


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  • She had enough -- it wasn't anything personal. She came twice already -- only so much a pussy can take. it's urban myth that women are capable of taking on a football team. I have a girl buddy who confined that she had a crazy night with her husband and a buddy. The buddy was this aggressive guy who told them he was 'going fuck her some night.' The night came and the buddy fucked her and then the husband. Then the the buddy wanted her again, she screamed NO NO I had enough, it was fun but now I'm done. She gave him a BJ to go away. She said she was in bed 2 days recovering. I used to fuck my wife 5 times in one day, but an hour apart. And she would sleep 14 hours. "My fucking sleeping pill."

  • The weed man in our neighborhood was a laid back fifty year old, always had some at his house. He would sell us joints or bags, one day while I was over at his house he asked me if I was a virgin. I laughed and told him I was but then asked him why he wanted to know, he told me he was thinking I would trade weed for sex but since I was a virgin probably not. The thought of it got me a little excited then I just told him sure.

  • Nice.

  • Maybe you hesitated to long, or it’s possible she’d had enough either way a girl walking into a man’s bedroom without any underwear on looking for drugs got what she wanted.

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