Game Night

I have just cheated on my husband with one of his friends and now I feel incredibly guilty. I have never done anything like this before and it wasn’t planned, it just happened.

He has a room in the basement with a big screen TV and his friends will come around whenever there is a big game on and they drink beers and have a laugh together. I usually just keep out of the way or watch TV upstairs.

This particular night I was at the kitchen sink washing up a few dishes when I felt someone approach from behind me. Before I knew what was happening his hands were around my waist and I could feel him kissing my neck. It all happened so quickly I didn’t know how to react. Before I could twist around to see who it was he had me bent forward over the counter top and as one hand covered my mouth the other was pulling up my t-shirt and bra, letting my breasts spill out onto the cold granite surface.

I remember hearing my husband’s distant voice and laughter from downstairs as my pants were pulled down from behind, then he was in me, fucking me hard from behind and squeezing on my tits. It was all over very quickly, after only a few strokes I felt him tense and the pulsing of his cock as he came inside me. Then as he pulled out he whispered in my ear, “You had better get used to this it’s only the beginning”, then he zipped up his jeans and returned to the others as if nothing had happened, leaving me sprawled out on the counter.

I just don’t know what to do, if I tell my husband, he will want to know why I didn’t call out or try to stop it and if I do nothing this guy will assume that he can have me whenever he likes.

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  • My ex wifes sister would ask me to go help her feed the live stock. We would have a quickie in the barn. I think her husband was fucking my wife. While I was fucking his wife. My ex sister inlaw had huge tits and knew to suck cock, she loved her cock. One time my ex wife and I stopped to visit. Her sister and brother inlaw was living in a camper, they had a house fire.. It was after they came home from a wedding. Her husband was passed out, she had a guy on look out while she was fucking the other guy. Could see her being fucked from the window. Turned me right on, I should of took the ex wife home and came back. Don;t feel bad it is what it is, I re married and still like "extra" been busted in the past. Its fuck you I hate you and move out of the bed room. Not long later she is back in the bed room. I behave and its been too long, ready to roam again

  • What he gave you a diesase? His ass would be in a wheel chair cause as far as I’m concerned you are mine until otherwise. He’s a fuckin loser who stole that pussy

  • You had to wanted him to fuck you. If not you would of yelled out to stop

  • Tell him you are pregnant with his baby and you want to leave your husband, he can support you and his child. That ought to make him avoid you.

  • Do you want him to take you again? Did you like it? What are your true feelings? Did you feel taken and used or did you really enjoy it? It sounds like you're torn.

  • Yes I feel I was taken and used but secretly deep in my mind I loved it and looked forward to our next encounter.

  • So, you know completely who it was and don't regret it at all?

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