Last Friday, I had gone to a comedy club to see a comedian that I had only seen bits a pieces of online. I was attending alone, which was no big deal. As I approached the doors, I saw someone that looked familiar, not really registering who I was looking at, but minded my own business. It was my boss. He was with his wife and some friend that was in town for a couple of weeks. We chatted and ended up sitting near each other during the show.

After the show, my bosses friend had peeled off and caught up with me. We ended up getting a bite to eat and he came over to my apartment, where we ended up having sex, and he stayed the night. I definitely don’t regret having sex with him. God, his dick was so nice and thick. I enjoyed getting him in my mouth and it felt so good to have him inside of me. The way he touched my body, my breasts, nipples, fingering me...left me wanting more. It felt so good. The way he filled me up. I could tell that it felt good to him, to be inside of me. He had enjoyed it so much that we had had sex again before he left to go back to my bosses house.

I assumed that my boss knew he had been with me, but he didn’t know. So, it ended up being an awkward conversation the other day. He had been texting with my boss, telling him that he wanted to see me again. My boss didn’t know and o realized it when my boss asked if I had gone out with his friend. I was like, “Is that what he’s calling?” Haha. Oops. I didn’t think before I spoke and so now my boss knows that I had sexual with his friend. My poor boss went white as sheet (then blushed). He didn’t realize that his friend had been talking about me and how he’d had sex with me, knowing that his friend wanted to see me again before he left...to you know have sex. I had already said that I’d like to see him again before he left town. Damn skippy that I want his dick again. Fortunately, things don’t make me uncomfortable. But, my boss told his friend he couldn’t tell him anything about his sex life again. That even though they are friends, that I am a good employee and doesn’t want or need to know about the people he supervises. I was like...oh good...this would be a weird conversation to have with HR. That my boss got a little flustered when he found out his friends of 20 years was having sex with someone he supervised.

11 months ago

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