Marine friend home on leave

My friend was home on leave after having finished boot camp with the Marines. He was really horny and looking for some pussy but not having much luck. He was constantly thanking me for hanging with him, buying him drinks, trying to get him laid. My stock response was that’s what friends do. At one point, we’re just driving around and he makes a comment about it would be so much easier if I would suck his dick. I had never thought about it with him or any other guy, but suddenly with him planting the thought in my mind, it didn’t repulse me and I actually found myself getting hard. My hesitation to say anything seemed to intrigue him. I looked at him and said I guess that’s what friends do for each other. He was a bit shocked but you could see it turned him on. He quickly found a quiet place to park. He undid his pants and pulled everything down to his ankles. I moved in slowly, first stroking him, then getting up the nerve to take him in my mouth. He didn’t last long and without warning started to cum. I wasn’t prepared for it and out of the need to breath just kept swallowing. By the end of his first week of leave he was also fucking me in the ass.

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  • BS story!

  • Not bs, same thing happened to me years ago, my friend wasn’t a marine, but driving around one night he said I want to suck you off,,, went on for years,, very very exciting

  • Sounds legitimate to me.

  • My older brother's best friend Jake is in the navy and when he comes back on leave I let him have gay sex with me. I was 10 the first time and I'm 15 now.

  • That's so hot, I wish this would happen to me.

  • I was 11 and knew I was gay. I was always very feminine and wanted to be a girl. When my brother's friend who was 18 came back from basis training His body was rock hard, when I saw him I just ran to him and kissed him he kissed back hard. 5 minutes later in his parents basement I was naked on my knees and between his legs. I didn't know what to do but he guided me so gently. A few minutes later I swallowed for the first time. My own 3 inch cock was hard.

    I snuck over that night slept with him and he took my virginity. During his two weeks home we found a place in the woods and spent hours there and he made love to me. When not in my ass his cock was in my mouth and I swallowed alot. My young body melted from is touch. When he came in my ass I prayed for a miracle so I could get pregnant.

    Every young gay needs to swallow and used by a strong man to understand that taking cock anally and swallowing cum is what their bodies was made for.

    I'm 20 now and we got married this year. I am completely his and he uses me constantly. I love what he has done to me.

  • I was 9 when I sucked my first dick loved it he was 11 with an10" cock mine was about 8" at the time every time I sucked his dick hed cum in my mouth loved it when I turned 10 i came for the first in his mouth he swallowed it as I did his we sucked &fucked each other till he moved out of state I'm 62now I hope he is doing good miss him

  • I remember telling my best friend about getting my first bj the night before from my gf. I was telling him how good it felt to have it done to you. When he finally asked me if I would do it for him, I looked at his pleading look and his eyes filling with tears, and I comforted him as best I could. I did end up giving him a bj, and felt what my gf had felt the night before.

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