When I was 14 I woke up and my Uncle was going down on me! Help!

I am a 20y/o woman. (I say that b/c I’ve noticed that most of these are guys making-up fantasies, but this truly happened to me!)
When I was 14 I was staying at my aunts for the summer. One night I woke-up from a very realistic sex dream, and my uncle had his head between my legs, he was licking me, and I was right at the start of an orgasm! Though my instinct was to pull my knees to my chest and scream, I just wanted to orgasm! When my orgasm ended, I pulled my knees to my chest, like the fetal position. He said “oh wow, did you cum?” I just nodded! He said “that’s fantastic”, and caressed my thigh, my naked butt, kissed me on my lips and left. I shook, I couldn’t stop shaking. IDK how he got my panties off w/o me waking up, to make it worse, he was the first person to give me an orgasm, and it was only my second one ever. The next morning he acted like nothing happened, but so did I. I guess this empowered him, b/c he did it again the next night. My reaction was the same... stunned silence, but that time when I woke, he had just started, but I did nothing, I just lay there enjoying it! It felt so unbelievably good (physically), but mentally it was killing me! I hated myself, the thought of him doing it made me sick, but the reality felt amazing! Within a few days I looked forward to it, and THAT made me feel even worse. After a week I stopped wearing underwear to bed, to make it easier for him? That first night I didn’t wear my panties, he said “you can touch me if you want”. I didn’t, but that made me feel worse, I felt selfish! So the next night I did touch him (w/o him asking) he even began kissing me! Eventually after he used his mouth on me I would use my mouth on him. It didn’t go any further (thank god). Now I just hate myself! I feel like I betrayed my aunt. Therapy didn’t help, and I just don’t know what to do, anymore I feel like I was equally to blame, like I wanted it... I’m at my wits end, any help from someone who went through something like this?

1.1 years ago

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    • Nothing you can do with that.I recommend you to continue and let him lick your pussy and eat your pussy juice. You need to satisfy your sexual needs.Even if you want to get fucked then let him to fuck you.And also try to swallow his cum as much as possible.Cum is healthier food ever . You can search and will see the health benefits of cum.Try.I'm sure you will like it and will ask him to feed you as much as he can.Try

    • You sound like u enjoy incest.. me too

    • U must have been gorgeous and he wanted to make u feel loved, dont feel guilty.. Life isn't to be judgement but pleasure. Theres no god so no consequences

    • Oh how fucking awful , you loved it , he loved it , I bet you do it again too.

    • Why feel bad about something you both enjoyed? my brother who is 14 years older than me did the same thing when I was 12 and we continue to do it whenever we can for the last 35 years

    • That’s so wrong

    • The reason you liked it and continued was because if felt good. It is that simple. Sex feels good, if it didn't there would be no people. The reason you feel guilty is because of the values you grew up with. It was wrong of your uncle to do this without your permission at any age. It was especially wrong given your age. My advise having experienced something similar at 16, is to know you are not at fault. He started this without your permission. It does not matter that you enjoyed or that you continued to enjoy it. Don't feel guilty because it felt good. You are not to blame. It took me 27 years before I confronted my adult only to learn the same thing had happen to her as a kid. The adult is being selfish, they want to feel good. They convince themselves they are helping and teaching you, but this is all about what they what.

    • Don't hate yourself just accept it as experience. Try not let people say you are a victim when it isn't the case. If you don't want this to happen then tell your Uncle to stop

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