My sexual disires

I’m from a small border town, my parents were poor and divorced when I was young my mom raised me and my brother at my grandparents house, I was close to my dad, but my mom didn’t care she was done with him, this is where it all started, I guess I was in search of male in my life, so in high school I found a way to sneak around with guys to have fun and I guess guys way of having fun with girl is sex, so I started fucking and before I knew it I met a older guy he was already out of high school all my guy friends look up to him, little did I know why.. By this time one or two sexual encounters but nothing to say wow.. we we’re young but that’s how I got popular, I hadn’t had a orgasm, cause I didn’t know, yes had two or more guys fuck me at the same time, I like it but it was my way of fitting in I was the cool chic I had more guy friends then girls so now I’m 5’3 long brown hair nice ass and C-cup tits.. Now I really turn heads so I knew this older guy with a car he asked me out and I went out with him, I was so excited one thing lead to next we start kissing he starts touching me and of coarse I loved it. He didn’t even ask me in any way he just went for my pussy and me even more excited he took my clothes off as he was finger banging me I didn’t say a word I was totally naked on the hood of his car and I know the neighbors could see me, it’s like they all knew this was gonna happen and they were waiting for it I being young and wanting to be the girl that was wanted by all, it’s about 6 in the evening he turns around and takes off his clothes so now we’re both bare naked, then he asked me to close my eyes and I did, he started kissing me and touching my pussy I was actually very excited then he tells turn around and I did,WOW HIS DICK WAS HUGE!! He struggled a bit and boy did it hurt, I totally forgot we’re being watched, he had to force into my pussy spreading my legs wide I swear I had never seen or felt a dick so big, I let him do what he wanted to me, he didn’t last to long thou my legs were numb and shaking I even cried cause it hurt so bad..I was now his property and everyone knew it..So I end up pregnant he did the man thing and married me, I didn’t even finish high school, but enough of that I want to tell you how he would just fuck me he never asked or was romantic he knew I was younger so when he wanted to fuck he fucked would force his huge cock in me so far and stretch my pussy so bad that I would bleed almost every time we ended up having two girls and boy one right after the other he was never home he was always out with friends I ended up leaving him and moved to USA he tried to get back with me but I didn’t, he ended up getting caught crossing the border with drugs, so that’s where things changed I was no longer a sex slave, so I guess I wanted what wasn’t mine, I purposely started fucking my girlfriends boyfriends and boy did I like it a total slut nobody ever knew, I finally started enjoying sex with guys that had smaller dicks then my ex, I loved getting drunk out friends I was always the single one, but I got really good at finding away to slip out back or a bedroom or bathroom where ever I let these guys fuck me how ever they wanted I sucked dick let them cum in my mouth and swallowed it was a total rush, I was really good at not getting caught, I would really play the part out to a tee. I had no remorse I keep cum in my hand whip it on the girlfriends hair, clothes whatever, the more risky the more I did it, the guys loved it too, it was exciting, I would be buddies with the girls like best friends take pictures together make the girls feel safe with me, by posting on social media best friends and the guys played alongside. I still love the rush.. I feel the need to tell more I want them to know in some sick way but don’t know how, I’m totally proud of me, I love the way it feels when I’m penetrated by another women’s man, in there house with them there or at a bar in the ladies room, or in their car my pussy juices all over, I’m a squirter big wet spots on mans clothes, I’ve made it my passion. I have had a boyfriend for years myself and we do the same thing to him, he’s even almost caught me red handed or actually he did at our house we had a Christmas party one year all my coworkers came over we all were drinking heavily so my boyfriend was outside talking the guys and one of the came it to use the restroom he asked politely if he could and I sitting next to his wife she’s smoking hot, and by know you know me I said sure I’ll show you the down stairs bathroom was busy I lead him up stairs as I walked slowly so he could almost touch my ass with is face all the kids were in the kids rooms playing games so I lead him to the master room he ask is this where the Magic happens?? I said to him not unless you know magic pointed to the restroom he went in as I sat waiting he didn’t close the door so I could see his juicy dick in the mirror,, I was so fucken horney then my oldest daughter walked in and saw that I was in there and saw him too but thought nothing of so she turned around and walked out closing the door I jump on the opportunity I let him take my clothes off and started saying I don’t care I’m gonna fuck you good I grabbed his dick he was really hard we fucked and fucked I must have cum two or three times I told to cum inside me and boy he did we finally finished and as he walked out my boyfriend was coming up the stairs, he didn’t say anything to him, but made a comment to me that it could look suspicious if the girls would have walked in.. he didn’t say anything else I pulled up my pants as if I just went pee, wow close call. I went down sat next to his wife and told her how I liked her hair, and if we could take a picture together.. same night different guy my boss this asked for the restroom and again I walked him up this time I closed the door zipped down his pants and gave him the best blowjob ever, let him cum in my mouth swallowed and walk out to a picture with his wife even asked I could take a sip of her wine.. there’s way to to come tell me your thoughts what or how do I continue more of the sex, the wife’s, my boyfriend or how to somehow let them know cause I want total satisfaction..

1.1 years ago

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    • You should try and sleep with the wife as well have them eat you out as their husband or boyfriends cum still in you but they don't know lol

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