I’ve been with this bastard Who is a serial LIAR , cheater, he’s a pedaphile, he’s incestive. I didn’t know all of this at first it took YEARS to figure this twisted mans mind and background out. I’ve never cheated on him EVER but I just grew tired of his shit and one day while he was at work. I decided to spend some time with this guy whom I had been wanting to fuck for so long but didn’t because it goes against my loyalty...
but after all my fiancé put me through who gives a shit about loyalty. I sure in hell don’t
The guy called me pulled up in a car I came outside and we got in the back seat. At first It was just touch and exploring. I was feeling a little guilty.... questioning myself ... then I blanked out and all the shit he’d ever done to me flashed in my head repeatedly. I saw vision after vision. It was like I visualized it all. I felt anger, revenge, I decided it was time for me to have a little fun. I instantly grabbed the guys dick forcing it into my mouth while he was soft so I can feel him grow in my mouth. Laid back while he caresses my breasts and slowly sucks on my clit. Flicking his tongue all over my pussyfoot and ass before going in me. I MUST say DISCLAIMER!!! I did ask if he had a condom which he didn’t but it didn’t stop us. The windows started to fog up as we continued. I felt neighbors watching us. We did so many different positions in a 4 door sedan. In the end Sex wasn’t all that great but it wasn’t all bad. I got out the car walking into my friends house. I smiled at neighbors & My friend took me home. I didn’t even brush my teeth when my fiancé pulled into the driveway of the house I tongue him down soon as he walked through the door hoping he’d taste that mans cum on my lips and smell the dick on my breath he didn’t. LMAO! He still doesn’t know I cheated and as far as I feel it NEVER happened. I might have sex with one of his family members I haven’t fully decided yet...

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  • Hubby couldn't taste your cuck's cum for all the Pampers on his breath ! LOL !

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