Vacation at the Lake

It had been a very stressful time at work for both of us, so I decided to try to book a long weekend at the lake so that we could re-charge. I knew a place that I used to go fishing with my dad and fortunately they could take us on our preferred weekend.
When we arrived it was even nicer than I had remembered. The log cabins were grouped together in three units, right on the shore of the lake, each had a decked terrace with a large table, a grill and fire pit. It was quite late in the season, so one of the cabins appeared to be empty. We were in the middle one and the one to our right was occupied by three young guys who I would say were in their late twenties. They were sitting at their table drinking beers, and waved to us as we arrived.
It didn’t take us long to unload the truck and before we knew it I had a fire going and a bottle of chilled wine open as we sank back into our chairs and took in the amazing view.
As darkness fell there were strings of lights around the terrace that created a soft welcoming glow around the crackling fire.
I was just about to open another bottle of wine when I heard a voice from below our terrace, it was one of the guys from next door, he was clutching a couple of cold beers and asked if we wanted to join them for a bit. He explained that it was their last night and they were planning on using up their remaining alcohol supplies.
They seemed very friendly, and we accepted their offer. After drinking and chatting for a while, one of the guys asked me if I wanted to join him for a smoke and we went over and sat on the steps. I watched him roll what was clearly no ordinary cigarette which he lit and passed to me. It took me a little while to get used to it as I had not smoked anything like this since my college days and certainly didn’t remember it being as strong as this.
I started to feel a bit light headed and decided to re-join the others, but it wasn’t long before I started to feel a bit unwell and after stumbling into the furniture two of the guys helped me back to our lodge. My wife was laughing at my clumsiness and said she would be right back after finishing off her drink.
I must have passed out on the bed as I awoke some time later needing to use the bathroom. When I realised that my wife was still not back, I tried to make my way to the window. I could hear excited voiced coming from next door and in the light of the fire, I could see my wife naked on the table, with one of the guys between her legs. The other two who were also naked were stroking their cocks towards her face. I tried to scramble to the door, but my legs were still like jelly and I fell hitting my head on one of the beams.
The next thing I can remember was waking on the floor with the mother of all headaches, it was light outside now and I could see that my wife was asleep on the bed, she was still naked on top of the covers and as I approached, I could see that her knees were sore and dirty, her hair was a mess with strands stuck together and there were red marks and scratches on both her breasts.
I made my way to the door to see if our neighbours were still around, but they had packed up and left. It made me so angry to think that they had just had such a wild party and my wife was their entertainment.
It was very quiet for the remainder of our stay and we never spoke about what had happened that night, so she never knew what I saw and I never got to find out how she had ended up in that situation. Did she invite them, or was she forced? I guess that I will never know what really happened.

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  • I met my wife when she was still married to her first husband. I knew her through work and she told me many times about how she at least once a week fucked other men and he knew all about it. I was able to fuck her several times and then one day I had a knock on my door and it was her with luggage. He had gotten drunk and slapped her around so she left. I let her move in and we slept in the same bed and had wild sex but she made it clear that she was still going to fuck other men. She made it plain that she was starting a policy that I would be the only man she fucked more than once. She would come home and tell me in detail about her adventure and we would have crazy sex. This has now continued for 18 years. I also would fuck other women and tell her about it. Now we still fuck other couples but for the most part we play as a couple with same room sex

  • I knew my girlfriend was fucking other men, she often made me lick her to more orgasms after she was with them. I should not have refused when she brought one home and demanded that I suck him hard for her. She was furious when I refused.

  • You need to get her to tell you, but I think she will have resisted at first and then once they got her worked up, I bet she let them fuck her in every hole.

  • Just tell her you saw her and you will find out how it happened. Then you might get her to do it again with you around.

  • You were definitely set up.

  • I would think that your wife enjoyed her gang bang. You was set up so she could fuck them all

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