I feel bad for her but turned on at the same time

When I found out that my ex-wife and her boyfriend were bikers I was a little surprised by it all but it was her life so very little I could do about it. Our kids are grown and my daughter told me all about it and how she does not even let the boyfriend come over to her house. I guess it was almost a year later and my daughter called me up and asked me to come over to her house and because my ex wanted to talk to me. I had told her at the time that now was not a good time so how about a few days from now.
My daughter texted me later on and asked me to make time because her mother really needed me but would not tell me why or what it was all about. So I called my ex back and told her I would come by after work making some lie about things changing and it looked like I would have some time.
I get over there and she looked pretty tired, just sort of depressed then she tells me that she really screwed up and has no one to turn to and I told her that there was not much I could do about that anymore. She then starts to tell me that she was gang banged at a biker event, they beat up her boyfriend, took her into a camper and about eight of them stripped her naked and took turns just doing what ever they wanted to her. I could not help it but as she was telling me this story I was picturing her getting screwed and groped by several men, her big breasts bouncing all over the place and her deep throating and getting fucked by cock after cock.
When she finally finished telling me about all of this and that she needed some help to get back on her feet I just sort of felt bad for her. I told her that she would find a way some how to make it but all I could do was imagine her getting gang banged and would have loved to have been there.


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  • I want to feel sorry for her, but I also can’t help but think of gulp gulp gag and big bouncing tits... just taking all those bare dicks, all that cum, probably gonna end up pregnant... shit I’m so hot now

  • Same here, even on her back those tits would just flow all over when I pushed against her hard, I would get her to go doggie style on the bed and turn her sideways to the dresser mirror and just watch them swing around as I pulled on her hips and slammed into her pushing her back. She always loved showing off plenty of cleavage so I am sure they enjoyed looking a her.
    The strange part of it all is I asked her if the police were doing anything about it and she told me that she was not going to waste her time with them.

  • Arsehole you could have at least tried to help.

  • Oh look, a woman who made poor life choices needs to be bailed out from her own decisions.

    an ex-husband is the absolute last person in the world who should help an ex- who's determined to slut around her life and then has to pay the consequences. hopefully the daughter will learn from her mother's example

  • After what she put me thru in the divorce, not a chance. She lives with my daughter and has a roof over her head, she probably already spent all the money she raked me for and would tell our daughters that she liked riding the bike their dad bought for her.

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