Wife got her revenge!

My wife suspected I've been cheating on her. She saw a message on my phone while I was getting a shower. She didn't let on that she saw it. I thought everything was cool so I went to see the woman later. I came home later that evening and the wife was asleep in bed. So I went to sleep. Sometime in the early morning hours I got up to go take a piss. That's when I discovered she crazy glued my cock to my thigh. I had to get dressed and drive myself to the er. The doctor was able to get me unglued without too much trouble. I still have some glue on my cock though. Won't be having sex for a while. She informed me about the text. I guess I deserved it . Never thought she had it in her to do something like that. She told me she might start texting with a guy friend . I must say I wouldn't like that at all. I told her she best not .

1 month ago


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    • Dude you have serious issues. It’s ok for you to fuck someone else but it’s not ok for her to? It’s not ok for either of you fuck someone else.

      You stated you wouldn’t like it if she did it. Then why did you? Your logic is not logical. Meaning you might be a man asshole.

      I don’t necessarily believe that she should have the right to fool around on you because you fooled around on her, but maybe she should fool around on you because you’re an asshole. Maybe who she fools around with will actually be there for her.

    • Probably is already sucking his duck

    • She will be sucking his dick in no time

    • Sung to the Commodores, " Stuck in you / What I thought was KY jelly was Crazy glue..."

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