Couldn't get it up

I got invited to have a threesome with my best friend and his wife Mia. It was her 33rd birthday, and they had never tried one before. Neither had I.

I've known my friend for two decades and Mia for a few years. Mia is a really pretty short-haired brunette with a lovely figure. I was attracted to her from the moment we met, but never told my best friend that. Of course I said yes to the idea of having sex with Mia, even though I'm married and my wife would shit if she ever knew.

Anyway, I went over and we had a nice dinner. We moved out to the living room where we undressed and I couldn't believe how good Mia looked. She was drop dead gorgeous in the nude. My friend sat on the couch and Mia started giving him head. I was behind Mia, admiring her perfect ass and pussy. I ran a couple fingers across her labia, pushing inside a bit, and she was wet and ready. I couldn't believe how gorgeous she looked and felt down there.

The problem was that it was sensory overload. I couldn't get it up. Part of it was anxiety about having my friend watching, part of it was that I was cheating on my wife, and part of it was that Mia looked too perfect to fuck, if that makes any sense. I'd thought about fucking her for years, but now that I had the chance, I couldn't handle it.

Mia was really sweet. Kissed me and gave me a blowjob, but I still couldn't get fully hard. I went down on her too and she got off, which made me feel a little better. But I couldn't get hard enough to fuck her, so I got dressed and watched her with her husband before leaving.

My friend was giving me total shit about it, making fun of me for not being able to perform, and it hurt. Mia was nice, just smiled and said "it's okay, it happens."

I'm so embarrassed. I blew a great opportunity, and I know I may not get another.


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  • My husband told me once, this happened to him as a boy when he was seduced by his aunt. he said he has been overly excited ant it did not get hard. something it otherwise did even unexpected.

  • It’s all right , me I might die a virgin .

  • I get the guilt and limp dick issue. I used to flirt with this attractive blond at work. We were both married but hot for each other. After months of flirting, the buildup was immense. We were working really late one evening and were the only ones around in our department. She asked if I wanted to have a quickie in the bathroom and it was surreal that I was finally going to see her, touch her, and fuck her. Her pussy had beautiful blond pubes and was asking for cock. I couldn't get it up enough to penetrate her because all I could think about was my wife and kids and that the fantasy of having sex with her was more of a turn-on than actually doing it.

  • My buddy is my wife's old boyfriend. The 3 of us were swimming in our pool. We had a few drinks. They were together in a big truck tire innertube. It was dark and she was topless. They were having sex, sort of nonchalant. It became obvious when she came. He got out of tube then i had her there. I gave her a pass. She says it was the most amazing sex ever. Guess it was gang bangish. She said they did it one other time like that, while i snoozed on a raft. 30 years ago, she swears it was the only 2 times she was unfaithful. We both fell he took advantage, with the sex history they had. We're still friends with him and his wife.

  • Had the same overload, guilt problem with my big girl mystress. We were alone in a motel room. Couldn't belive how big her tits and ass were. So i played with her tits and went down on her. All of sudden i shot up and fucked her silly. After that i was like porn star with her. This was years ago and had no idea other guys get overload ed.

  • Get the blue pill next time mate

  • This has happened to me a few times in the 46 or so years I've been sexually active and without fail, the 2nd time is the charm. As a matter of fact, the second time was always so good that it lead to multiple - sometimes dozens - of repeats.

  • Haha...... sweetie that happened to my boy toy too, I went by his place a week later, without my hubby knowing, and he handled business, four more times before we fucked in front of my hubby

  • You poor guy. You couldn't get hard to cheat on your wife? Bless.... you fucking prick

  • You poor, poor man. It happens to the best of them. My husband mainly and when he's with me. He is destroying my self confidence the bastard!

  • I was a serial cheater with no conscience and absolutely no remorse for stepping out. I had no reason to step out as I absolutely have it made. Then one day I decided Im done with being that way and grew a conscience. I couldn't perform if I tried to cheat on my wife now and I'm in settings constantly where it is always available.

  • Don't worry. Performance issues happen. I'm single but date and it is always hard to get it up when you are with someone new. Usually ED and PE. It takes a few repetitions to get comfortable. I hope you have another chance.

  • Maybe you have limp dick

  • I have a fantasy where I am in your shoes but the wife wants me to satisfy her husband orally.

  • Could be your turning into a poof

  • Never say never, i had a similar situation where i had a threesome with my mate and his wife, we had all these plans on what we where going to do to her etc and i blew my load in first 10mins and couldn't get it up again, very embarrassing. i had a second chance a few weeks later and i used some viagra before and managed to last for over an hour, still came first but enjoyed myself alot more

  • Yes it happened to me too. I use to date a stripper and she would bring one of her friends over for me. I would get so excited I couldn't get hard.

  • Next time, you should include your wife, if she is willing. I think this would reduce your anxiety and give your cock the green light to perform.

  • Yes please bring your wife and let her have some fun

  • Hey, don't worry, that happens fairly often in such cases. Yes, Viagra or an across the counter e.d. pill like Stamina Rx can head off such situations. You'll get lucky again, don't worry !

  • It is possible to get too excited. Always best to take a viagra before something like this. I took a viagra the first time with my sister, just incase.

  • Wtf! With your sister?!??!

  • Yes, with my sister. We use birth contol, so i don't think its a problem.

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