Would you believe

Would you believe that in twelve years my wife had sex with over three hundred black men, she didn't want to but did it for me.

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  • Bullshit!

  • She did an average of two a month for twelve years and did not want to do it? My wife does not like to give blow jobs and after about two years of being married told me oh well, guess you will have to suck it yourself from now on.
    No woman is going to do something sexual she does not enjoy for twelve years unless she is made to do it.

  • She is very submissive, it started slow one man, lots of drinking and drugs, then two, then gang bangs, I fucked her too. She had a series of boyfriends/masters that fucked her any time they wanted but also fucked and sucked off their friends or any one else they told her to, when one would get tired of her he would pass her off to one of his friends and I always made sure that they knew I wanted her used by as many men as posable, to treat her like a slut and whore.

  • I should also say that when I met her she was married and cheating, was the easiest fucks I ever met, road her bare back and she swallowed the first we met. I knew she would be easy because I knew a couple of other guys that had fucked her and she had reputation around town.

  • I can seeing doing something l do not want to do a few times, but 300 times?

  • When I said she didn't want to is she didn't love black cock like in the stories you see online. I'm not a cuck, I'm Dom she's my submissive, she does as she's told, she doesn't have any choice as to who fucks her.

  • My wife's 42 and in incredible shape after 4 kids.We decided to try new things to bring some much needed excitement to our sex life.I jokingly suggested an open marriage and she said sure.We figured we'd try swinging but in reality I wanted to see her get fucked like she'd never been before.We met a nice 30 year old black man and booked a room in a nice hotel.After chatting and drinks in the bar my wife was ready.In the bedroom I sat in the dark corner and watched him peel my wife's clothes off.The hottest bit was her underwear.He took her bra off to reveal her sexy big boobs.He rubbed and squeezed them before sucking them.Then slowly slid her silk thong down.She was facing me and he was taking in the view of her hot ass.Her cute trimmed pussy looked delicious.He kissed and sucked on her ass cheeks before leaning her forward to rim her.Afterwards turning her around he smiled at her when he saw her cute neat bush.A little rub and running fingers through the hair he pushed her back and spread her legs and ate her out.

  • I’m pretty sure her pussy must resemble a turkeys snood by now.

  • Share some of the pics and videos

  • Do you want to see what she looks like, it's an old picture I think she only had a little over a hundred, was getting gang banged all most week ends https://www.blacktowhite.net/media/my-wife.30069/

  • Has any one else checked this whore out? Cut & past there's three pictures, she looks the type.

  • Your kids' DNA test is going to be expensive.

  • What a load of shit

  • Wow how did you get her to do that and she had to like it a little

  • Yes at times she liked it, enjoyed the attention, as I said she is very submissive and liked being forced to do things she wouldn't normally do, liked being told what to do.

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