Up Skirting Mum

Since my husband left I've noticed that my son is trying to look up my skirt at every opportunity if i am bending over her is looking at my bottom and some of my knickers are missing, I admit i am a bit sex starved and it does turn me on i have some very wrong thoughts about us being together with him inside me, i chase the thoughts away but they keep cumin back, when i am in bed at night my hands wander between my legs, what would any mum do in the circumstances, i am sure he he would like to have me i see the bulge in his pants he doesn't bother to hide it, should we experience to ultimate taboo.
Would any one like to tell me of there experience.

11 months ago

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    • Take off your panties then bend over let him see everything

    • I treated my son to the ultimate taboo! He's your usual know it all teen! He always makes remarks about my tits,ok they are big!! Do they actually make bra's that big mum is his favourite,I caught him spying on me and taking a picture with his phone! So when he was sleeping I crept into his room and took the phone, he'd sent the picture to his friends and as I scrolled they'd sent him pictures of their mum's! His text underneath the pic read,lads look at my mother's tits love to suck on them!! He was due home from school the next day so I got naked and laid on my bed and left the door open a little! I grabbed my dildo from the drawer and began fucking myself! I could sense he was at the door and obviously had his phone out taking snaps,I got up from the bed and heard him going to his bedroom! I was as quiet as I could be and could hear him masterbating! Still naked I opened his door and caught him red handed! Showing your friends my tits are you!! No mum no I swear!! I rubbed my pussy and called him to me,touch me then! I grabbed his hand and placed it on my pussy! Don't be shy you know you want to! I felt his fingers inside me probing away! Tell your friends about this why don't you putting my tits in his face!

    • Jan when I was 23 me and mum 50 had sex, dad had passed away 2 years before, was mums birthday we went for a meal she looked amazing white blouse blue pleated skirt high heels lovely brunette 36c tits and a firm full ass.
      We got a bit drunk got her home and we fucked on the sette and then all night she was all the woman i expected her to be and more, went home to the wife next morning she had no idea we had fucked and still do when we want.
      It worked for us but you need to decide.

    • Let your son eat your pussy fuck him

    • Obviously your son is wanting a more physical relationship with you. Its completely up to you how far you go with him. Is your son above legal age?

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