About a year ago my wife and I moved into a new home out on long island. We had been married about a year and couldn't stand living in an apartment any longer. The area was perfect, we were on a small hill with a house on either side of us and two homes behind us. After a few days of cleaning and painting we started to meet the neighbors.
On one side was a strange couple indeed. He was so thin he looked like he would drop dead in front of you. She was a body builder, six pack abs , nice shoulders a perfect ass and legs to die for. She must have been 2 inches taller than him and must have out weighed him by 25 lbs, and it was all muscle.
We were invited to a pool party by our strange neighbors a small group of neighbors would be there , bathing suits only
The wife and i got there late and I could see that the party had already begun. Some people were already drunk some were stoned but all seemed to be having a good time.
Lois , muscle girl , wanted to show me her home but my wife was already into smoking and drinking She clearly wanted to stay outside with all the other half naked bodies. So I went alone with Lois who dragged me from room to room until we got to the basement where she showed me a room with mats on the walls and floor.
What the hell was this I asked ?
Lois told me this was the beating room , where she would put her husband in his place from time to time.
She explained that when they were first married they argued about everything, so they decided to have physical contests to decide who would win. Lois told me she won every time because she was stronger, quicker and smarter that her poor weak husband.
She also told me she took boxing lessons as well wrestling lessons and could beat the shit out of hubby any day of the week , and she often did.
After telling me all that she told me he had a 5 inch dick and was very bad in bed. She said she had to be dominant in the bed room as well as the boxing ring. Often after a contest where she won , she would force hubby into some sexual position where she would have him eat her out or she would beat him and peg him
WOW, what a woman , she was in complete control of this poor slob she called her husband.
She then admitted from time to time she needed a real man to fuck her because hubby with his small cock couldn't get the job done. She would go out on a date and after would force hubby to clean her up.
After telling me all of that story I had a hard on that was very noticeable through my bathing suit. She kept looking at it and grinning at me.
She said you can't go back to the party with that huge bulge in your pants, your wife will want to know what was going on. So she grabbed my hard cock and slowly pulled my suit down . She sucked me off for a short time then took her suit off as well. What a body she had ,I got right into fucking her in the beating room. I couldn't believe how great the sex was she milked my cock with her pussy and drained me dry . We could hear the people out side so we decided to stop for fear of being caught.. After we got dressed she told me there would be lots of time to do this again. All I could do was to smile in agreement.
I met up with my wife who by now was 3 sheets to the wind from drinking and smoking.. In fact all of the people were real drunk or stoned by now.
The only people who were not drunk or stoned was Lois and me who just got finished fucking our brains out..
I was thinking living here was going to be lots of fun. The wife wanted to know where I had been I said Lois was showing me around. Little did she know Lois showed me everything she had.

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