Out, sort of, not really

I’m an older bi divorced male. I basically lead a double life. To my family and older friends, I’m straight and I don’t believe any are aware of my bisexual side. To new acquaintances, at out of town bars, traveling and to my girlfriend, I’m openly bisexual. I know at some point the two worlds will collide. I’m partially nervous for that and partially excited. I considered “coming out” to family and friends but decided “fuck it”, they’ll figure it out, or not. It’s a label, I don’t really care. Is this weird? I feel like maybe there’s lots of folks like me.

Mar 20


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    • Hey just be you it doesn't matter what they think. I met a guy one day and it was an older friend that I had known for years. He said don't be embarrassed I always thought you would suck dick even back in school. I told him that I had always wanted to suck his cock from seeing him in the shower at school. Been sucking his dick for 3 years now. He is a great guy! Talking about moving in together now.

    • Nice! Good luck and have fun. Thanks for the advice.

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