A visit to the doctor

I went to see my doctor for a routine checkup I was sitting there on table getting a nice look at her titties as she sat there asking questions and when she looked at me and stood to look at my eyes she said "you know you my favorite patient"and she said "lay down I want to feel your stomach"I layed down and she touched and felt for a minute and said "sit up"I sat up and she looked at me and asked me if I have had oral sex with a woman I said "not lately" she said "I wouldn't do this if I didn't like you,I saw you looking at my tittles,do you wanna suck 'em ?"she took off the top half of her uniform and said "suck my tittles"she reached to put her titties in my mouth with her right hand and She put her titties against my lips held her huge titties there and I took one of them in my mouth and started sucking it for a minute.after a minute she said "oh baby that's enough"I sat there and she pulled her titties away and put her top half back on and said "same time next week" I look forward to going back

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