It was late one afternoon and i went for a walk down the street i looked around and i didn't see anyone around and a nice looking woman caught my eye she was planting flowers beside her house and i watched her for a minute and i thought what if i walked over to where she is and pulled my dick out and started playing with it would she even notice or would she just keep planting flowers. i waited for another minute and thought i would make an excuse that i was looking for somebody after a few minutes of standing there i took a chance and i walked over to her and she was still busy planting flowers when i said hello. she looked up and saw the bulge in my pants and she said what can i do for you and i asked where so and so lived and she said she didn't know. she asked me what got m? exited after a few minutes she said i know what it is you want to be a pervert don't you pull it out l?t m? see i waited a minute and she said if you're not going to i will she was still on her knees and she said i know something you can't cum i know it i bet if you play with it right now you can't cum she teased m? for a few minutes saying jack off jack off jack off you can't cum you can't cum i wanted to pull my dick out and play with it she said i know something she started moaning for a few minutes and teasing me until i said in a whisper its hard she laughed and i pulled my pants down in front and she said good now do your dirty thing i wanted to put my dick in her mouth right then and there she said i know what you want i won't do it play with it i played with it for a minute and i stepped quickly up to her and shoved my aching dick in her mouth and started fuckin she tried to pull her head back but i wouldn't let her i fucked slow for almost an hour and i could hear her laughing with her lips around my dick and i thought i couldn't cum that's when i started fuckin her mouth a little quicker and she smiled i could feel it when she did i could hear her laughing with my dick in her mouth i kept fuckin and she moaned and i was about to cum when she bit my dick and after an hour she pulled her head back scraping my dick with her teeth making my dick hurt she said play with it now...

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  • This is an okay story.It mentions teasing.why would she tease the guy?

  • Okay the heart next to the post means like right? See I don't know but I guess it does.that's question is who liked this post?I think it could be true.maybe I'm not sure but I guess it's okay.fitting name for a short story.could it be somebody's confession?I wonder

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