The bus

I sat on the bus one day as it came to a stop at the bus stop to pick up a passenger.A tall brunette woman got on the bus and sat down next to me.She sat there for a minute and said "how are you".I said "I'm okay",she looked at me and smiled and after another minute she said "you don't take this bus often do you".I said "no,I don't"then out of the blue she said "let's go to the back of the bus"we went to the back of the bus and she said "I'm horny,let's Fuck"she pulled up her dress and pulled her panties down and my Dick got hard in a matter of seconds.she said "lay down" I layed down and she said "the driver won't hear".she pulled my pants down and turned around and sat on my hard Dick,she started fuckin me slowly for ten minutes and said "oh Fuck the bus is gonna be there in about an hour ,I better hurry up".she started fuckin a little quicker,for ten minutes she fucked at the pace.she said again "oh I hope we don't get caught"she started fuckin a little quicker for Five minutes and when the driver said "we're almost to the location the woman said"almost done".she kept fuckin and she was strokin my Dick heavily and she didn't mind. when the bus driver came to the place I was supposed to be She almost brought me to orgasm when she moaned "oh yeah"she got off of my Dick and put her panties back on and turned around and looked at my Dick and said we're here and she whispered "hurry up cum"I started jackin off and came after a minute my cum shot up and she whispered again "you better quit"I stopped jackin off and pulled my pants up and sat up and the woman and me got off the bus and went into the place we were supposed to be visiting.

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  • To the comment that says "bullshit" how do you know that they don't know each other? Think about it


  • Same thing the comment was there before I know it

  • Bullshit

  • The comment that says "bullshit" was there before on another post I know

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