She's a dirty girl

A woman lived next door to me and she liked it when I went to see her. She liked time alone with me and she wanted to try some things. One day when I was alone with her she asked me if I have had sex with a dog and I said "yeah". She said "let's walk outside in the backyard". We walked outside in the backyard and she said "the dog has a dick and it's female and its dick gets hard, does yours?". We saw the dog and we walked over to it and she said "take your clothes off and let's get dirty". We took our clothes off and she layed down underneath the dog and said "get your dick hard and fuck it". The dogs dick got hard when she kissed it and she went to work suckin' the dogs dick. I stood there and she stopped and asked "is your dick hard?, can't you fuck it, get on your knees beside the dog and I'll fondle your dick". I got on my knees beside the dog and she went back to suckin' its dick and she reached over and fondled my dick until it was hard. I saw a woman lookin'. I stood and stepped behind the dog and a minute later she walked over and she looked and she said "you better get inside if dog you wanna fuck it". I slid my hard dick in the dog and she said "you're both nasty". I started fuckin' and she looked at me like she never saw such nasty sex with a dog before. I reached and took her left hand and she said "what are you doin'". I pulled her hand to my balls and she said "what are you gonna do with my hand?" and I told her to rub my balls and she said "okay I'll rub your balls". She started rubbin' my balls slow and asked me if the dog's any good. She looked at the dog where my dick was and said "are you gonna finish?". A minute later I was still holdin' her hand to my balls and she said "do you want me to rub 'em and I said "rub my balls". She rubbed my balls for a few minutes and I saw her smile and she said "havin' fun?". She got down on her knees and she found a way to get my balls in her mouth. She was in a doggystyle to my left side and she put my balls in her mouth and sucked. I moaned and she kept suckin' until I came. When she knew I was finished coming she stopped suckin' my balls and took them out of her mouth and she stood and said "your balls taste like they've been in the dogs mouth, has the dog sucked your balls or did you put your balls in the dogs mouth and want it to suck 'em". She turned to walk away but I held her hand and she said "what are you doin'?" and I pulled out slowly and turned so she could see and she looked down and she saw my dick and giggled at me 'cause it was red and I grabbed my dick and started jackin' off for a few minutes and she looked at me like are you almost finished?". I was ready to ejaculate and she saw the look I had and she smiled and she pulled her shirt up and she said "ejaculate" . I ejaculated and it hit her titties and she looked at me funny when I kept jackin' off for a few more minutes and slowly came to stop jackin' off. She looked at my dick again and she said "jackin' off after you fuck a dog, is your dick good?". I let go of her hand and she pulled her shirt down and turned and walked away. The woman got from underneath the dog and stood. We last looked at each other and picked our clothes up and went inside.

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