A visit to the doctor (part two)

I went back to see my doctor and
she expected me to see her again.
It was for another routine checkup.
I was sittin' there on the table as
she asked me sex questions and I
answered. She told me to lay down
on the table and I did. She said
"how can I put this, last time you
were here I could see you lookin' at
my titties, how would you like it if
your dick was showin' and I was
lookin' at it, did you get a hard on
lookin' at my tits?, pull your pants
down, I wanna see if you can get
an erection for me". I raised my
butt up a little and pulled my pants
down and she said "it's not hard,
let's work on it for a minute, what
gets it hard?, is it this?". She stepped beside the table and leaned over and kissed me for a minute and looked at my dick and said "no, that doesn't, how about this" she reached her right hand down and stroked my dick for a minute and said "no, that doesn't do it" she took off the bottom half of her uniform and got on the table and she sat on my face and she started rubbin' her pussy on my face and she said " does this get your dick hard? ". After a minute I felt her fingers touch my dick, she was leaned back a little and playin'
with my dick, it was gettin' hard. She said "I'm gonna let you jack off,
that's what you want isn't it? I'll look. She got off of my face and off of the table and said "let me see you come, grab your dick and start jackin' off furiously, we have a few more minutes". I grabbed my dick, which wasn't completely hard and started playin' with it for a minute until it was hard. I started jackin' off slowly, she said "hurry up, let me see you come", after another minute she said "come". I took a minute and she said "it's not comin'?". She leaned over the table and kissed me again and said "I wanna see you come, don't make me jack you off furiously". I wanted
her to do it so I stopped for a minute and she said "you can't come? " I'm gonna wait, I'm lookin'
at your dick, do it a little for another minute and I may if you can't come, I'll play with it". She was still leanin' over me and she kissed me again and said "did my titties taste good in your mouth last time?". I said "ah, I'm coming".
She looked at my dick and said "it is". After another thirty minutes I felt my come in the head of my dick, I was havin' a little problem with coming. She said "problem, yeah keep doin' it". I started jackin' off quicker and quicker for another thirty minutes until I was jackin' off
as quick as I could. After I felt myself at the point of not bein' able to hold back my come I let out
a deep breath and moaned and she stood straight up and said "come". I jacked off for another minute and shot my load. She said "good comin', I'll see you next month". I layed there for a minute and then I lifted my butt, pulled my pants up, sat up and she said "you're okay, I look forward to seein' you again". I got off of the table and walked torward the door and opened it and I said "I'll see you again"

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  • How opd r u?

  • Paskiain. The rest of you. You don't believe.

  • Ha!! I bet you jerk off a lot too !!

  • Yeah okay to first comment let me say that it was your mom.

  • What a great load of bull shit

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