How I get myself hot

The best way I've found to get myself in the mood when I'm alone is to dress up in a tight mini-skirt, black fish nets, a nice fitting bra and high heels and prance around from room to room in my house. I love the way it makes me feel. Dressing like this makes me so horny. Sometimes I'll even watch tranny porn while I'm dressed like this. By the time I realize I'm acting weird the girl inside me is almost completely in control by now. Her name is Stella and she's a whore. She likes to flirt with men and suck their dicks until they cum. She'll take dick any way she can get it. She even made friends with another tranny and now that tranny fucks me in my ass all the time. I have to admit, it does feel good. But I don't want anyone to discover that I have this girl living inside me, or that I'm getting all this wonderful dick from a shemale. I would be so embarrassed if anyone found out. But at the same time, it's all I think about. And every time I jack off and cum real hard, Stella disappears and won't bother me for a few days. And just when I think I have things under control, here she comes again. That girl is something else.


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  • Stella I would like to fuck you while you are dressed up. That's so hot don't stop

  • I love wearing silky lingerie, and fantasize about having a lady boy to make love to and with. I'd love to meet someone like you so we could dress up together and then play with each other's dicks and then suck each other while letting your lady boy do us both.

  • I would love that too, but Stella is a whore. She'll want more and more until she's fucking you all the time. She's a whore I tell you. She'll keep everything private, but she wants sex all the time.

  • This is panty-man the one who wrote the first reply a month ago. So Stella is a whore, thats just what i need and want so desperately...i wear my lingerie 24/7 and i mastirbate 5 or more times a day. Stella could fuck my bottom as much as she wants, i would like to masturbate you and suck your lovely cock as much as you'd let me. It sounds like a match made in heaven ...panty-man and stella. Let's chat about this and see if we could meet each other's wants, needs and whorish desires. Panty-man.

  • I've always wanted a bunch of crossdressing friends. We could get together secretly sometimes and confide in each other about all the nasty things we've done. Or some of the sexy things we like to wear. Or maybe even some of our deepest darkest fantasies. Like one of my fantasies is to be tied to a bed and have my brains fucked out by another big dick tranny.

  • Has Stella had you wear silky panties and lingerie with your outfits? Why are you embarrassed about letting a she/Male duck your right ass? Have you ever sucked her cock? You got the best of both worlds...a nice hard cock when you want it & a nice looking lady when you want to play with her titties or make out with her.

  • Yes Stella has made me do all of that and more. That woman has embarrassed me so many times. She knows I get aroused easily and she knows just how to get other men horny too. The next thing I know I got a dick up my ass and some guy wanting my number.

  • Yes she has. I've dressed in almost everything I can think of including a wedding dress. But I love tight mini-skirts and high heels the most. They make me feel like the whore that I am.

  • Would love to see you in black thigh highs and heels. I would like to see u walking around the house.

  • I think that's sexy. I do the same thing when I'm home alone. I love wearing pantyhose and panties. I like to open up the back of the pantyhose so my ass is exposed. Then I take pictures of myself to see how good I look. But then I delete them because I have no one to send them to.

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