How I get myself hot

The best way I've found to get myself in the mood when I'm alone is to dress up in a tight mini-skirt, black fish nets, a nice fitting bra and high heels and prance around from room to room in my house. I love the way it makes me feel. Dressing like this makes me so horny. Sometimes I'll even watch tranny porn while I'm dressed like this. By the time I realize I'm acting weird the girl inside me is almost completely in control by now. Her name is Stella and she's a whore. She likes to flirt with men and suck their dicks until they cum. She'll take dick any way she can get it. She even made friends with another tranny and now that tranny fucks me in my ass all the time. I have to admit, it does feel good. But I don't want anyone to discover that I have this girl living inside me, or that I'm getting all this wonderful dick from a shemale. I would be so embarrassed if anyone found out. But at the same time, it's all I think about. And every time I jack off and cum real hard, Stella disappears and won't bother me for a few days. And just when I think I have things under control, here she comes again. That girl is something else.

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