It wouldn't matter if she had a dck or not.

I know a girl who is really fine. It should be a crime to look as good as she does. She's 27 years old, fine as hell and built like a brick s-house. Secretly I'm crazy about her but she doesn't know it. I'll never tell her either because of our age difference. She's 27 and I'm almost 70. On top of that I've secretly been a crossdresser almost my life. I started wearing mini-skirts and high heels at age 16. I've probably sucked more dicks then she has, and I'm pretty dam sure I've had more dicks up my ass then she has. I love wearing high heels and mini-skirts and sucking dicks. But this woman is so good looking that I would stop all that for her if I were closer to her age. None of my friends know I'm Bi. If by some crazy miracle she and I ever did get together and I found she had a ten inch dick, it wouldn't matter. She is so fine that I would go with her even if everyone thought I was straight and she was a sissy. She is that fine. Today I checked her Facebook page. She was a little pissed at some woman who was trying to hit on her. She mentioned that the woman had to be at least 40, as if that was old. I guess it is to a 27 year old. She just has to realize that she is so fine that women and men will try to get at her. This has never happened to me since I had my first same sex encounter with a tranny at the age of 24. Ever since then every woman I've seen built as nice as she is has been a tranny. she is the exception to the rule.

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