The girl inside me is trying to get out again

I can feel my dick getting hard as I sit here watching TV. I know what that means. Stella is trying to get out again. Stella is the girl that lives inside me. Every time I start to feel horny she tries to get out and take control, get me in trouble. I'm sitting here right now thinking back on how many times I've been fucked by either a man or a tranny. I'm thinking about how many times I've had cum running down my thighs after I've been fucked. The first time was when I picked up a sexy thick tranny in a tight white mini-skirt named Wanita. We ended up at her place where she fucked the shit out of me and left cum running out of my ass. After that I just couldn't get enough dick and we fucked many, many times after that. After a few years of weekly fucking we lost touch and I still had to get some dick from somewhere, so I started going out at night hoping I would get lucky. But it wasn't until I moved that I got my next real good fuck. It was from a young boy of 17 that I picked up as he was coming from school. I asked if he needed a ride and he just jumped into the car. He sat so close to me that we started kissing right away. I took him to my new place and we got naked and started fucking. He fucked me for so long that I forgot that men cum until I felt him jerk and unload his huge load in my ass. When I moved I felt all his cum begin to run from my ass. Boy he had a lot of cum. I knew then that dick was the thing for me. Even if I had to dress up like a woman I was going to get all the dick I wanted. More to cum.

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  • I wish that would happen to me.

  • I's not Stella in me but April. She can appear in just a natter of seconds when I see another mans co ck.

  • Hey Stella come over the fuck here and I'll give ya all the trouble you can handle baby. Let me suck on your cock for you and then I'll fuck your man pussy awhile with my cock. I too have an inner girl in me and her name is Jezebel and she is up for anything.

  • I would love for that to happen. I get wet just thinking about it.

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