Mom and son

Part 2 after we finish we got up mom still leaking cum out of her pussy we started to drove couple of minute went by with out talking just getting my head around what just happened mom turn around and said there a hotel up the road i turn and yes mom we pulled in no one around just the manger booked a room for the night as soon we got in we jump in bed kissing passionately we strip off our clothes sucking on my mom tits and going down to her wet pussy still wet and still had cum of mine in your pussy licking my mom pussy goon she was moaning as i was licking her ass to she and i was loving every minute together we fucking as i was about to cum in my mom she turn around i pulled then mom turn around and took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it i blew so much mom swallowed everything we did not get much sleep at night because we fucked licked just about all night we got up showered together fucked in the shower check out stop at a the roadhouse to get breakfast me and mom jump back in the car and headed h home to mom place i spent my break at mom house until dad got back little to say we just had fun 4 years later still fucking mom its a bond that me and mom got i still get so hard still to this day mom love it as well that she spend with me the end

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  • I love watching my cock moving back and forth inside my mom's pussy. Pulling it almost out, then slamming back inside of her. As I pick up speed, my mom is gets into it, moaning, saying things, and swearing during her orgasm. I make noise too.

  • Nothing better then fucking my mom hard

  • Emaga on väga meeldiv olla,ära ainult seda kokkupuudet lõpeta,võib emale probleeme tekitada.Armasta ikka ema edasi.

  • Awesome

  • Glad you got a mom and son relationship

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