THE SISSY QUESTIONIRE You are a sissy if.........


Enjoyed sucking another mans dick?? YES______ NO________

Enjoyed sex with another man?? YES________ NO________

Enjoyed Jacking off another man?? YES_______ NO________

Enjoyed wearing women's clothes?? YES_________ NO________

Enjoyed kissing another man?? YES________ NO_______

Enjoyed making another man cum?? YES_______ NO_______

Spent the night in another man's bed?? YES______ NO______

Wanted a boyfriend?? YES______ NO_______

Sneaked out at night to see another man?? YES_______ NO_______

Had sex with other men for pay?? YES________ NO_______

Came when another man touched you?? YES_______ NO_______

Dreamed about sex with men?? YES______ NO_______

Hit on another man?? YES_______ NO_______

Been involved with a shemale or tranny?? YES______ NO______

Do you like the taste of cum?? YES______ NO_______

Do women's clothes turn you on?? YES_____ NO______

Have you ever came while wearing a mini skirt, high heels and fishnets??
YES_____ NO_____

Have you ever been seen in public dressed as a woman?? YES_____ NO____

How many different men have you had sex with?? 5_____ 10_____ 20______
Don't know _____

Have you ever saw a tranny that you thought was cute?? YES_____ NO_____

Have you ever saw a shemale that made your dick hard?? YES_____ NO______

Have you ever been a booty call for another man?? YES______ NO______

Have you ever wished you were born a woman?? YES_____ NO_____

Do you sometimes feel like there's a woman living inside of you?? YES_____

if so, what is your female name?? _________________________________

Have you ever wanted to be a whore?? YES______ NO______

These questions are just for fun. There is no right or wrong answer. If you like doing some or all of the activities mentioned above then you are among many who enjoy them as well. Myself included. Be honest and have fun. Many times it's places like these where this is the only release you will ever have to tell about some of your adventures. There's nothing wrong with being who you are.

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  • 16 yes, sissy name is Jenny. i started off shopping for and wearing panties. I was hooked on my first taste of cum.

  • It's the best thing I've done becoming a sissy crossdresser

  • My cousin and I dressed up as girls at the encouragement of our moms last Halloween. They said we were way cute and that the girls at the Halloween party would flip over us. The truth of it was that some of the other guys did too and now we're both kinda sissies now hooking up with other boy's pretty regularly wearing our sister's stuff?

  • OMG, this was very interesting , 19 yes answers. I do love being a sissy. I feel so at peace.

  • 19 yes’
    No too Cash for men
    No too involved with Shemale/tranny
    My name is Ariana
    And a big yes to being a whore!

  • I am sissy I love cock and I love women clothing I love make up heel I wish I was a full transexual

  • I originated this questionnaire. I know for sure I'm a big sissy but I've managed to keep it on the down-low. None of my friends know about me. I love doing all the things on the list and even more I haven't even mebtioned.

  • Thanks for this. I had 14 no and 11 yes. I am, as I expected, a cock-worshipping bisexual who has little regard for women's clothing, neither wearing, or, admiring unless they're on women ( not a put down, just not my thing ) and I don't enjoy kissing men ( nor dancing with men, though it wasn't a question ) . Oh well, like you say, no right and no wrong.

  • I still want to be tied to a bed and raped. I want to have sex with more then one man, and so much more. I don't think it will ever end.

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