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Hi everyone, I've been reading things on here for a while now, but never really said anything. So, just just got the nerve to do so.
Well, I'm a Male that's always been pretty open minded. I've had a couple 3 sums (mff) and I loved them all. My cousin (female) and I are really close and we talk about anything and it's even going on for a very long time. She's the one that told me about anal, before she said something to me about it, I'd never thought about doing it. But, once I did, I loved it. My girlfriend at the time was never interested, but after that relationship ended my next partner was willing and open to trying it.
(Point emerges) I love porn, I watch it all the time, in fact my current girlfriend watches it with me sometimes. Well, one day I was looking for something to watch and I signed into my site of choice (xvideos) as I was browsing through the selection big ass black woman anal. I saw a tranny with a with a huge ass and I decided to have a look at that one. Was never really into that before, but I was like that the hell, I'll give it a try today. So, as I watched I thought this tranny was so sexy. She had all the things I liked in a woman. She had the big ass, pretty face and she was shaking it(her ass). I loved her curves and watching it i started getting hard and finding that i want to fuck her. The part that turned me on the most was when she would sit on the guy in the "reverse cow girl" well I believe that's what's it's called anyway. I felt all the blood rushing to my penis. As I see her riding the guy and her flaccid penis moving in a circular horizontal and vertical direction. I have zero interest in having sex with a man. I don't think there is anything wrong with it, but it's just the really thick tranny that I like.
When I'm watching porn every now and then I'll just watch the tranny ones.
I've not said anything to my girlfriend about this, I want to but I've not.
I don't want to suck her dick or anything, I just want to see my stick going in and getting wet from her insides. I want a nice big ass one. She has to be thick and I've also had thoughts about grabbing her dick while I'm fucking her from behind. I can feel my pants rising now just thinking about it. I've not said anything to my girlfriend because I feel she wouldn't be okay with it.
So, please let me know what do you think I should do?

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  • Jane Marie? Yeah she’s one hot bitch!

  • Not to send you running to your safe space in a crying fit, but a tranny is a man, so yes, you do want to fuck a man. Saying, thinking, or believing something does not alter reality.

  • I have the same desires to fuck a hot tranny with a nice ass. U don’t have to say anything about it to your girl. She may have a desire to suck a black cock but she won’t tell you. Then only time you open up to her is if you’re role playing and say to your girl let’s pretend we have another girl in bed with us and she turns out to be a tranny or something like that. But she doesn’t need to know.

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