Sexually Obsessed With TGirl Sadie Hawkins

Anyone else crazy about Sadie Hawkins/Riley Kilo too? I've been watching tranny porn for I think 2 yrs. Went through so many awesome tgirls and then I kept coming across a video of her laying on a bed with a dildo up her ass, I didn't think she was that attractive at first or cared to look at HER - it was just all about seeing how nice of a dick they have. It caught my eye watching her cum. The more I watched her in other, better videos, the more I became obsessed with her. I just love her dick to death & that she has a big head and that she cums so much without touching at the end. And her dick looks so hard too sticking straight up. I'm DYING to have 1 day with her where I'd do anything she wants just so I can put as much of her dick in my mouth as I can & suck really hard and especially enjoy the head. I just love dicks like that. And I've never been into cum, but I would definitely let her be the first one to erupt in my mouth & on my face. I'd love to lick & fuck her in the ass too while holding her arms behind her back, to make sure she never touches her dick until after I make her cum. If I ever decided for this to happen, I'd also let her be the only one to fuck me in the ass too. And watching regular girls get fucked can be entertaining sometimes if they get fucked hard & fast enough, but every time I wanna cum, I always gotta watch her vids cuz I know I'll be entertained & satisfied in the end. I love watching her pitch a tent in a mini skirt or whatever she's wearing too. One day I would love to see her cumming on her own face & especially pissing for a good while.

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  • I've been in love with her too...for several years. And I'm a straight male with a gf who has NEVER been with a boy or a tg. But I can't deny my craving any longer...I want to be in bed with another much, or a TG.

    And Riley Kilo is my DREAM GIRL.

  • I just want cock, but I’ll fuck you in the ass.

  • I also love exactly the same things you do, couldn't say it any better

  • Yes

  • I love her ass and mouth,,, I suck his cock his small ball nice,,,,,,, his cock regardless of facinating things,,,, I masturbate with her to watch his cock and I want exploxed swallow his sperm,,,, she has a cock that we can not forget,,, I want to spend a night with her,,,, I'm coming all night,,, sadie hawkins I love your cock

  • Definitely agree, Sadie Hawkins has the most beautiful cock I've ever

  • Oh yes

  • Agree

  • My gf has 32size boobs. But she is fucking hot during sex.We are in a serious relationship from last 3 years.Usually we had sex 2-3 times in a week.We love each other.Actually i have a serious addiction of masterbate due to which I usually cum in 5 min when I fucked her faster and harder.and she wanna get fucked harder and faster only... She luvvs it. Yesterday I was put my 2 fingers inside her pussy n fingering inside her like anything. She told me at that tym like that......fuck me like that. I wanna get fucked like that...faster and harder....When you will fuck me like that for half n hours.. It turned me on....but at the same time I feel embarrassed also that m not able to fuck her properly. I wanna satisfy her with my dick....Any Suggestions

  • To the commenter below I did not post that confession. I just posted the link here for other people to see how bad this is.

  • Had an awesome dream about Sadie last night. I liked one of her Instagram posts and she sent me a random video of her cock. But it was thicker and uncircumcised, and when you pulled the skin back, her massive cockhead popped out. And she was leaking & shooting cum like crazy!

  • She's got the SWEETEST balls & cock ever! I'm sure the most delicious precum & cum too. - Poster

  • Oh I would give my right nut to have her fuck me in the ass over and over till she couldn't cum any more. And then fuck me more and more till I begged for her to quit.

  • OMG! Hey everyone, if you like big headed cocks like Sadie's, Google "Ade76". His cock is so juicy looking, I just wanna suck on it every second of the day. I'm going to watch more of his videos later. Still wish I could find more of Sadie. Instead of going through porn sites, I've been looking under Google Videos & came across a couple new 5min videos, but I wish they had some of her cam videos, see her oil up her dick and cum on her face/in her mouth, etc. Sadie, if you ever read this, PLEASE do a pissing video! While showering or something.

  • Http:// talk about me shitting...

  • So, this is unrelated, but last night I watched Blended w/ Bella Thorne looking really boyish - and I couldn't help but think the rest of the night what her dick would look like if she was a tranny. I started picturing her with Sadie's dick, but it being a bit thicker & longer and it drove me nuts! I think as pretty & hot as she is, her dick having a big juicy head just really fits her. What y'all think?

  • I had never heard of Sadie but after reading all these posts I went and found several vids and WOW! She is unbelievable! I've never seen anyone shoot so much cum for so long! OMG! I've never been a big fan of tranny porn before, but now I can't stop watching Sadie! And now with gay marriage becoming legal everywhere, it makes me want to divorce my wife and marry one of these amazing t-girls!! But ONLY if they cum like Sadie cums!!!!!!!!

  • Welcome to the amazing world of Sadie Hawkins/Riley Kilo! Make sure to check out while you're at it, there's a gif of her cumming TONS! More than I ever seen before. I can't wait for the day there's as many vids of her on the web as there are Bailey Jay. And it's not gay if the tranny is cute or pretty (definition of a t-GIRL), only if it's a crossdresser. Marry on!

  • OMG! I would LOVE to be in front of Sadie right now, with her a second away from cumming, and I'd kiss that big head of hers and she'd spray her cum all over my lips & face! Fuck! Driving me CRAZY right now! And also, I'd love to be kissing and/or especially licking the side of her amazing hard dick while she's pissing. Geez, just imagine if she read this post & all the comments.

  • Christ! Can you even imagine how delicious that piss of hers has to be? I would love to be the man who drinks every drop of it, every time she goes, every day! Sometimes, I fantasize about her fucking some other guy in the ass and then pulling out to piss in my mouth. Then she goes back to fucking him and unloads her cum in his ass.

  • Someone on Twitter made a fanpage showing off tons of screenshots of her chaturbate shows, and one of them, Sadie is in the position of cumming on her face/in her mouth. I can't believe I missed that & haven't seen it yet. Makes me sad :( Also, if I had a dick like hers, or was her, I'd be watching that dick go from soft to hard & the head from big to huge all day long lol.

  • A few fav dream teams: Sadie & Bailey Jay, Sadie & Bee Armitage, or Sadie & Teen Kasia (girl, HOT perfect body, would love to see Sadie fuck her in that delicious ass of hers & cum like crazy all over her). Oh, and of course, Sadie & Ellery Sweet.

  • I'd love to see her with Mia Isabella!

  • Guys, as hard as Sadie's dick is, I wish she had the ability to cum without ever touching. You could just stare at her dick while she's sitting or on her knees on the bed & then all of a sudden, cum will start leaking and then shooting. That would make her much more amazing. I wanna see her dick oiled up soo bad though!!!

  • Have you ever seen ANYBODY come so much or so beautifully?

  • Never! Just her. Imma be PISSED if she ever decides to transition into a full girl! She's got the best dick EVER & cums more than any tgirl.

  • ^Same here^. I hope she never cuts that beautiful thing off. I'd be heartbroken.

  • Jesus.....this idea makes me hard because I understand and agree so totally. Her dick would be beautiful doing that, and I bet it could happen. I bet if someone were licking/kissing her asshole very gently for a long period she would explode without contact to that beautiful cock of hers! I love her and I would love to see what you described! Wow! Thanks SO MUCH for sharing that image!

  • Lol you're welcome! Oh the many ways we could make her cum... I still wanna tie her arms up & make it as torturous as possible where she has no choice but to shoot across the room. And I wanna keep going til she's shaking like crazy & can't cum no more.

  • So sweet. So beautiful. So perfect. Yes, I am mad for Sadie.

  • me too. i could do her all day and night....forever.

  • I'd suck her every second forever.

  • I love that spewing slut!!!

  • Yes! God yes! The little bitch is the sexiest thing I've ever seen in my life! God I just ache for her! And wish I could be her husband!

  • Damn! You guys check out her tumblr ( Her latest gif, she cums the most I've ever seen her cum. Like if she could piss cum lol. That just drives me nuts! I want her to erupt that much in my mouth :'( Why do you keep teasing me Sadie?!

  • I agree with you completely. She has so many incredible attributes and qualities, but dear God, by far the best is her cum volume. I've never seen anything like that in my entire fucking life! Mother of Christ!

  • Just keeps pouring & pouring & pouring (and shooting). If I ever hook up with a pretty tgirl or just have the chance to be in front of a cock again, hope they cum as much. All trannies should cum like her. Get so disappointed when they cum but you don't see nothing.

  • There's a black t-girl whose name I can never remember that cums even more, if you can believe it. Just watching that girl cum is enough to get you hard and get you all the way off. She is incredible. And, even better, she's totally beautiful, too. If I can find her name, I'll post it here so you can all check her out.

  • I'll keep an eye out for the name. And you should make a draft in an email full of info/links you wanna remember or at the bottom of Notes on your phone.

  • I think her name is "Chanel Couture", or some close variant of that. I've seen it in a couple of different forms, but that seems to be the most frequent spelling.

  • (Poster) Guys, that vid of her & Wendy Summers in the hotel room - how does Wendy not fricken notice Sadie's semi-hard cock sticking out a bit when they first start talking?! Also, I'd love to suck up Wendy too like Sadie did, but wish she was a lot harder.

  • Totally agree - I watch a lot of tranny porn and Sadie is my number 1. I just wish she would do more videos and cam shows. Would love to see her more with other t girls. She is a great top and bottom.

  • I've seen the last 30mins of 2 of her cams on Chaturbate for free. But apparently now, you need an account. Anyways, I LOVED it! Wish she'd oil up her dick more & let us look at it up close for a bit. I'd love to see her with many other fav trannies & shooting cum all over the place. If you haven't heard of her yet, look up Ellery Sweet - cute tranny with a nice great sized cock! She definitely needs more vids tho.

  • That knob! THAT FUCKING KNOB!

  • o yeah..... i think about that thing sliding past my asshole and plopping on the way out and then going back in, and back out, over and over. sadie is just ...... wow!

  • Oh great, now you got me picturing that. I think for us who are new to taking it in the ass, it shouldn't hurt so bad once we get past the head lol.

  • A knob like that really is painful at first, but if she was fucking you long enough and often enough, you would adjust. I had a young lover a few years ago whose cock was made that way but he taught me how to take it and he spent hours working on me and making my tight ass accommodate his head. I really miss that boy and I haven't found anybody who could take his place. I wish he would come back to me. I miss him and I love him still. We were together before gay marriage was allowed but I would have left my wife and children for him, and I would still do that.

  • Awww, really hope for the best for you. I wish we could have the ppl we really want in our lives, they'd never move or ever end up without each other. Sadie can spend all the time she wants on me, my mouth & my ass. Wish everybody packed a cock like that, any size. Would love to spend every second sucking on one & let them explode on my face throughout the day :)

  • That knob is nasty and beautiful.

  • (Poster) I am going CRAZY right now for Sadie's dick! I just keep thinking of her leaking TONS of precum before (even soft) & while I'm sucking it, enjoying the hell out of her dick, and then she fricken explodes so hard in my mouth. Even tho some girls have great pink pussies, I really wish they all had her dick.

  • (Poster) 3 final things. [1] As mentioned above, if I wanted someone (only allow Sadie) to fuck me in the ass, 2 ways I want it is for her to tie me to the bed face down or bent over the edge. I want her to get in front of me afterwards and "make me" suck her dick & get it soaking/dripping wet, then get on top of me or behind me and fuck me as fast & hard as she can go, repeatedly pull out to cum on me and fuck me some more til she can't get hard & cum anymore. I want her in a mini skirt all the time too. [2] She has the best dick for anyone to practice deepthroating with. [3] I was gonna make a new post but might as well post it here - I'd love to be friends with a secret tgirl. You think she's just a girl but when you're sitting on the couch watching tv or something, out of nowhere in the corner of your eye she starts pitching a nice big tent in whatever she's wearing.

  • I completely agree with everything you wrote. In particular, I would LOVE for her to do the A2M scene with me and "make me" lick and suck her off. Sadie is so perfect. We need to start a fan club for her!!

  • I swear to fucking God....that girl could stick her cock in my mouth and piss right down my throat and I would love her for doing it! That cock is so perfect and so beautiful! How could anything that pours out of it taste bad? The answer is IT COULDN'T!

  • Lol. Although I'd automatically let her do that, that's one of the main things I'd do for her just to let me suck that cock of hers.

  • (Poster) And what about them sweet set of balls on her?! Definitely be sucking & licking them when Idon't have every inch of her amazing hard dick in my mouth.

  • God, yes . . . those balls are so wonderful. I would love to caress them with my mouth and tongue. I love her. And I love her balls.

  • She has the most precious and perfect little asshole I have ever seen. Love Sadie!

  • God, yes! The knob on that girl is the most perfect and the most delicious thing I've ever seen! And the most beautiful! And it's even more perfect an delicious and beautiful when it has all that warm cream flowing from it! Nobody else has a knob like that! Sadie is the total motherfucking bombay!

  • My favorite transsexual is Sandra Bernhard, the comedian. He's not very convincing as a woman, but he's really funny.

  • yuck! i went and looked at this "girl" and aw shit shes a man! and not a sexy man just a plain ordinary man in a dress! disgusting! and all of you are disgusting too! sick sick sick faggots! FAGGOTS!

  • The thing about Sadie is that she is so real and so sincere. She really loves sex and it shows in her performances. There are other t-girls around her age, I guess, but I always think of her as being younger than all the rest. Sometimes I even fantasize about her being underage and yet still having all that sexuality inside of her just waiting to explode. I agree with the other comment about her being marriage material. She really is that. And so much more. I am in love.

  • ya Sadie crazy sexy

  • Sadie really is total marriage material.

  • Forget putting a ring on her finger when you marry her, I'd put it on her dick :)

  • LOL!!! Too too too funny! But I'd do the same!!!!!

  • I actually thought of something good too - Since you gotta get on your knee(s) to ask her, what if she gets so excited that she gets hard & pitches a long tent in her skirt in front of you, and you go to put the ring on her dick & pretend you can't get it over the giant head of hers - the 1 way to get it on or off is to wet it. So you wrap your mouth around it & suck on it. You can either suck nonstop or keep stopping to tell her it's not wet enough. Finally she erupts like crazy in your mouth & that's when you can finally put the ring on. Lol.

  • And then at the wedding when the minister asks me to place the ring on her we would have an understanding that she would pull up her wedding gown and pull out her cock for me to first suck and then place the ring on. Right in front of everybody. Proving to her and to my family and to all present what a beautiful cock she has and what a wonderful cocksucker I am. That's how I want my wedding to Sadie to happen. I want everyone to see how truly beautiful and perfect she is and how wonderful a wife she will make and how much I love her. I want everyone to know that I have the best wife in the world. I want them to see it. I especially would want everyone to see that KNOB. I mean, fuck!!!

  • Haha. She really needs to do vids in a wedding dress - every outfit out there. I wish every dick had a giant head like that, I'd have a very good reason for liking them. And watching girls suck on them would be more enjoyable in porn vids. I actually came across another vid of her yesterday at YouPorn, of her shooting her load all over her undies. Definitely had to save that! And I just woke up from a dream where she made a small appearance & I took a picture of me sucking her dick.

  • OMG! Wouldn't that be wonderful???! If EVERY DICK had a head like that! OMG! I'm getting hard just thinking about a world full of cocks like Sadie's!!!!

  • Although I like any size, I wanna be surrounded by a bunch of big ones tho. 1 in my mouth, a few resting on my face and then 1 in each hand. Really big balls too. And I've only seen a few other ppl in vids with big heads, drove me nuts & I cummed so easily.

  • I would love to be kneeling in the midst of a group of nasty tgirls, all pissing all over me, in my face, and down my throat.

  • I love Sadie as well, and yes that tent-pitching thing of hers is amaaaaaaaaazing!

  • My personal fave is Morgan Bailey. She's tall and elegant and beautifully-tattooed and very assertive, and she has the best cock and sack combo you've ever seen. She knows how to fuck, she knows how to suck, and she even knows how to kiss in an incredibly sensual and seductive way. Morgan is MAGNIFICENT MARRIAGE MATERIAL!!

  • I like her big dick but that's pretty much it. I'll try to watch some of her vids soon.

  • agree --- morgan bailey is a fantastic fuck and shes even a great kisser --- you can see all that in her vids

  • Haha, happy you all agree! 1 other thing I think about - Imagine how much more amazing her dick would be if it was longer or especially thicker, and her dick head was that much bigger. And I forgot to mention that I would love to watch her dick go from soft to rock hard without her touching. AND, I'd love to see her in a military outfit with her dick saluting us lol.

  • Aw hell yeah shes the best

  • The girl has the hottest and sweetest little asshole I have ever seen.

  • I gotta go with Shawna Lenee or Teen Kasia. Shawna was the first girl I seen with the tiniest hole, but Kasia's got this perfect body with the most delicious & amazing shaped ass. I do love Sadie's ass more & more tho.

  • so true. kasia is really a hot piece.....

  • god you are so right about that head.that thing on the end of her cock is so big.just like a babys fist like they say.perfect just perfect.andnobody can suck a dick like her.not gotta love that saidie......

  • OMMFG! I so totally love Sadie! I understand and agree completely! The only difference is that I fell in love with Sadie the very first time I ever saw her, because she is so beautiful and sweet and seductive and sensitive: she seems to know just what her audience needs and she gives it to them with EVERY performance, every single time. Yes, I'm not ashamed to admit it: I LOVE SADIE HAWKINS! And I would totally marry her if I ever had the chance. She is wonderful and she has a totally perfect body, in every single respect! WOW!!!

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