Very intense experience

My husband and I were in the process of looking for a retirement home and went down to Florida for the winter and rented a house so we could search around the area. We made some friends and my husband being the diehard card player also found a group to play with one night a week, the group rotated hosting and the first time we did it I was surprised that everyone was close to our age and my husband mentioned that several of them were either widowers or just single.
I knew where he was going with this comment because I have always had the fantasy of having several men play with me and we had never really been somewhere that we could do something like that so why not now. I asked him right away what he was thinking because our turn to host was the next week. He brought up the same thing that I was thinking and I just nodded yes to him with tingles running down my spine and a nervous knot in my stomach.
He had not really said much to me about it then the day came around and I asked him what our plan was going to be for the night. He told me that he was thinking that I wear something that did not leave a lot to the imagination and lets see how they react to it. What I did not have a clue about was he had already talked to several of them about it and he had something already planned out.
The evening started off as usual and all the guys showed up, I had already laid out some snacks and he got the drinks going as they got started. I was out shopping and planned on returning home wearing something that did not leave much to the imagination. I decided on some new yoga pants and a few tops that I would change into and give them a little fashion show. I planned on wearing the fairly sheer one last then leaving it on while I snacked a little bit.
I returned home and there were four guys and my husband, usually there were six total but still a good number of them. I figured they had been playing for just over an hour so this would be a good break for them watching me show them the new stuff. I walked thru the door wearing the first outfit and just to give you and idea on my sizes, I am 5'4, about 130 pounds with 34 D cup breasts and 36" hips. Sure I am a little curvy but my husband has always loved me that way.
The men all held their cards and stared at me as I asked my husband what he thought of my new outfit for yoga class, I got a few thumbs up from the guys and he told me I looked great. I held the bag up and told them they had to see the other tops I got so I would be right back. Tops two and three got the same raving reviews so when I walked out wearing the forth more revealing one I expected some better comments. I noticed quickly that my husband was not sitting at the table but I still put on my model pose and asked them what they thought about it. Thumbs up all around and a few 10's were held up from the card deck, which I thought was really nice. I walked into the kitchen to grab some snacks and a drink asking where my husband was because both of the bathrooms were towards the bedrooms and neither one was in use when I came out.
I was told he ran up to the store to get something and a warm feeling came over me when I realized he gone and here I was wearing a top with plenty of sheer material covering my cleavage and no bra on under it which left nothing to the imagination. The men all got up and one of them asked me if I had another outfit to try on because they really enjoyed me showing off my clothes. My tingles were going like crazy and my mind was racing with thoughts of them stripping me and it appeared that was exactly what was going to happen as they all surrounded me. I told them that I did not have any new ones but if they wanted I could put on something else for them and do some more modelling.
I think it was about then that all of them picked an appendage and lifted me right off the floor, I was so surprised by it that I do not even remember screaming out or making any sound at all. They took me back to the bedroom and laid me out on the bed then started peeling my clothes off which was really easy since I only had on the yoga pants and top. Seeming out of know where three ropes were securing me to the bed corners and within seconds my arms were bound straight out above my head and each ankle to a corner. I knew my face had to be flush because my heart was racing like crazy and I felt really hot then as if some cue had been given all their hands started exploring me.
It seemed like time was standing still for me as I felt their fingers all over my body then one of them got down on the bed and I felt his tongue on me, the others kept on caressing me and then one started licking and sucking on my nipples. It did not take much longer and one of them had taken off his pants and had his cock dangling over my mouth. I was so excited with the whole experience that I was already feeling like I was going to have an orgasm and minutes later it came over me.
One of them was always pleasuring me with his tongue and I had now received three of their orgasms, two in my mouth and one shot across my breasts. The last guy started going down on me and the others sort of filed out after redressing, this guy was really licking me deeply and gave me a tremendous orgasm. He did not seem to care about the load on my breasts because he was also caressing my nipples and rubbing my breasts all over spreading it all over them. I then watched in complete amazement as he worked his way up to them and began licking them in long broad strokes up to my nipples sucking on them then repeating it.
He then positioned himself on my torso and pushed my breasts together, I watched his hard on slid thru them a few times then he reached up and grabbed my hair and pulled my head upwards. He kept on sliding right up thru my cleavage and into my mouth, I realized at that point there was nothing I could do to stop him so I figured sucking on him would get him to orgasm faster.
Suddenly I felt something entered me, I had no idea which one had come back because all I could see was salt and pepped pubic hair and a cock. It felt like a rubber dildo but then the vibration started and my clit was started tingling like crazy. It was about then that I felt and tasted his orgasm filling my mouth and I struggled to swallow as he pumped himself in and out of me. He finally let go of my hair then began rubbing his cock all over my chin and neck while he reached back and started fondling my nipples again.
I still had no idea who was masturbating me then I looked over and saw the rest of them had returned, I was building up to another orgasm with all the stimulation from the vibrator. He climbed off of me and I looked down to see my husband wielding the vibrating dildo, he told them all that I would really have an intense orgasm from it so that is why they all came back.
They would intermittently touch my breasts and nipples while he vibrated me into a frenzy, my whole body shook and pulsated as he circled my clit with the tip. I had my final orgasm of the night with all of them watching me, I felt really sexy having all these men desiring to watch and play with me.
They untied me and I made my way to the shower, when I came out I went right to bed feeling completely spent by the whole experience. I woke up the next morning and looked over at my husband sleeping soundly, I slid under the covers and found his morning hard on with my lips. I had him moaning out minutes later as he filled my mouth with his orgasm, I told him that last night was so much more than I thought it would ever be but I had a great time. I then asked him if he really left me with all of them for most of the time, he smiled and told me he was out in the garage and they were going to come get me when they were finished. I told him about the one guy licking up all the cum from my breasts and it surprised him a little bit but then everyone has their kinks he said shrugging it off.
I truly had a great time with it and the part where they carried me back to the bedroom and started removing my clothes was amazing, it got me so turned on. I guess because I knew it was planned and I was safe to just let myself go and enjoy it.

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