When we first got married I asked my wife if she had ever been with anyone else other than me , She said No I've only ever been with you . Has the years past I would ask her if she ever wanted to go with anyone else , Again she said No that made me happy knowing she was happy with are life . Six month's ago my wife asked me if I knew anyone that fancied her , I said yes loads of people fancy you why do you ask me don't you know anyone then . This his when things changed my wife said YES I said who and how do you know , My wife said my boss He told me . I was shocked at first knowing someone wanted my wife and also angry , A part of me was turned on by this the thought of her and her boss it was weird . I asked her if she fancied him she said No but he was nice , I had met him on occasions he was in his 60s bald a chubby guy nice enough thou . One night we was walking home from a night out when my wife's boss pulled up and asked us if we wanted a lift home , we invited him in for a drink this his when I first became aware of how he would watch my wife move about . My wife was in a short skirt and a bit tipsy also showing a bit too much cleavage , It was a really warm day so that's why she was dressed like that . We had all been talking for a while when my wife fell asleep , I don't know why but I said to him that my wife had told me you fancy her . Their was a pause then he said I love your wife , I'm sorry has you probably guessed it wasn't a coincidence I was driving bye . I didn't expect that , I asked him if my wife was totally aware of his feelings and have you spoken to her about this . He said many times with no joy , I asked him what he would say to her and it's ok I'm not angry infact quite flattered because she's my wife . He then told me that he would tell her what he wanted to do to her , I said go on tell me what you said . Then he said I told her I want to fuck her come all over her , But she would say stop that talk im a married woman that's not going to happen . Part of me was proud of my wife very proud , But I was turned on has well by what he had said and how he was staring at my wife . Then he said I'm sorry i can't help how I feel , I started to feel sorry for him then I had a dirty thought . I said you want to come on my wife I walked over to her carefully pushed her skirt up then said you can come on her legs if you want . Again their was a pause before he stood up undone his belt then his button and zip pulling his trousers down , He pulled his pants down he was rock hard and huge I was shocked by this he then started wanking next to my wife . I pulled her top out so he could look down at her tits then pushed her skirt up to show her panties . My wife moved opening her legs at the same time he said I'm coming it was like a volcano erupting , Yes it went on her legs but also her arms chest and face . He looked embarrassed he thanked me so I walked him to the door , Then i went back to clean my wife up . Has I walked into the lounge my wife was awake she said you dirty bastard I was awake all the time , I couldn't believe it . I said I'm sorry she looked at me then told me to do the same has her boss did wank over her , I did has she said , She said i bet you wanted his come in me didn't you at that moment I said yes . I was close to coming when she pulled her panties to one side scraped a dollop of come on to her finger then pushed it up herself , Has I came she was putting some in her mouth . Her boss never new she was awake , After that night we never spoke about it . Just this week he has invited us to stay at his villa with him , And we both said yes ?


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  • My girl friend told me she had only been with four men before she met me, this was after she had been fucking my friends and a lot of other men I set her up with I like watching her with other men and she likes to fuck.

  • Does your wife like her arse being fucked and if so what is her favoured position ?
    Take a video camera with you to savour the fun.

  • Dreams of a chubby old dude lol

  • I really find this quite difficult to believe

  • Me too. Anytime a boss wanted to fuck me, I let them.

  • I have had 2 of my Office managers. The second one is wildly beautiful and fills my personal menu for a women (perhaps why I hired her?) other than she being married. As it happened we both divorced our worthless ex's and got married quite a few years ago. Been absolutely happy since and she still works for me.

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