Striptease at kieths pub

After Stuart (my husband) asked me to give Phil (Stuart's mate) his birthday surprise (meaning me tied up naked) I had a surprise phone call proposal of one of the guys who was with Phil (Keith) who owns a pub in the next town to us. Apparently he was asked to organise a private party with a stripper, not one of the usual girls but somebody my size meaning chubby and age (I am 30), hoping I'd say yes. At first I turned the offer down although the offer of 150 quid was tempting adding I'd got the curves in the right places. After telling him I would but have to make sure with Stuart. That night telling Stuart he said the decision was up to me though by now I'd decided I'd say yes because apart from the money I found myself flattered knowing somebody was actually offering me money to strip although I'm chubby.
I rang Keith the next day although I was dead nervous agreeing, he said he'd organise it for the following Monday night. I said Stuart will be with me which he was okay with but would he stay in the background.
During the next few days I practised stripping in front of Stuart. All The time I was stripping he would describe what the "men" will be looking at. I decided to wear my button up dress complete with suspender belt, stockings, lacy bra and knickers. The days flew by until it was time to get ready for Monday night. When the taxi picked me up, I was getting a mixed feeling of nerves but anticipation. Keith was waiting in the pub when we arrived and having a drink saying that the party was upstairs in the small function room, there were nine men and they were all looking forward to watching a "proper woman". Keith asked Stuart to join the guys because most of them didn't know each other so it wouldn't look suspicious. After Stuart had gone he asked me if I was okay. Admitting that I was very nervous but I was ready Keith showed me upstairs. Opening the door faced by nine guys of all ages.
NOW I was nervous but Keith introduced me telling them it was my first time but I wouldn't let them down. A deep piled rug and chair was already in the centre of room. This obviously was my "stage". With the music switched on, taking a deep breath knowing there's no going back. First taking my jacket off I started to sort of "seductively dance" (like I had been practising back home) now undoing each button on my dress but leaving just one in the middle fastened, plucking up courage I went to one of the guys (he was about 50) inviting him to unfasten it, (this obviously was what they were hoping meaning a bit of audience involvement). Sexily slipping my dress right of standing there just in my undies with all 11 (including Stuart and Keith) calling out for me to show them more. Although feeling dead nervous but very much in control. Sitting down peeling off my stockings one by one, then standing, undoing my suspender belt sort of swinging it around with the guys chanting "get em off", I wasn't going to disappoint them. Saucily reaching behind unfastening my bra, although feeling very vulnerable I was now standing topless this is when I felt really naughty slowly pushing my knickers up and down eventually taking them right off. Standing there instead of just ending it I started caressing myself with my "audience" chanting for me to bend over and show them me playing with myself. I said No but someone had brought a vibrator and after they had a whip round putting about 40 quid on the chair they asked would that do it. By now I was feeling really turned on and I think at that point I would have done it for free. I started caressing myself over my body eventually slipping it between my legs. They told me would I lie down on the carpet and make a proper job of it. Literally in a moment of madness I said yes but somebody had better help me out beckoning to another guy (age about 40 and definitely potbellied, definitely not my type) but at that moment I actually wanted to, I suppose "taunt" them that I, at that moment I was in charge. He took the vibrator turning it on spreading my legs working it into my fanny. I hadn't thought that he might know how to use it properly it, but instead he was sending me into ecstasy because at the same time he was pushing it in he was rubbing my clit and within minutes I was having a gigantic orgasm, much to the delight of the guys BUT to my embarrassment. Crowding around me looking down at me although they were looking very intimidating they were asking was I going to have a gangbang, the answer was NO but I was willing to give blow jobs to two of them.
Very quickly a pack of cards appeared which they decided that the two highest cards won, obviously at this point I was still lying down naked but definitely turned on knowing that within a couple of minutes I will be tasting two of them. They were in their 40s average build. Between them they got me to kneel after having to unzip their trousers. Both of them were sporting hard Dicks looking down at me with a Lecherous look on their faces with the other guys urging them on. I knew this was getting out of hand and thankful that Keith and Stuart were there if needed but a quick look at both of them they were as bad as all the others. One of the guys moved forward poking his dick in my lips. Opening my mouth starting sucking it was like saying yes to a "free for all" because my head was held tight literally "face fucked" while the other one was" feeling and wanking over a my head and tits. Seconds later my mouth was getting filled with cum replaced by the other one. Again very quickly he came leaving me with cum dribbling out of my mouth, leaving me feeling pretty used and embarrassed but all the guys were I think hoping for more but looking round finding my dress I said something stupid like "shows over". Fortunately Keith helped me up saying he hoped they liked the show. Immediately all the guys cheered and asked would I do it again soon. Now that was embarrassing. But Keith said I was better than he expected with Stuart definitely agreeing needless to say Stuart was bombarding me with questions and it definitely did our sex life a boost reliving that night. This story is completely true and it shows that us "mature" women are still sexy and desirable


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  • Keith has asked would I go all the way and yes I think I will but I won't do anal I will leave that up to Stuart doing it to me

  • OK so now you can ask for 500 quid and go all the way. Extra for anal.

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