My friends Mom

When I was high school age my friends mom would show me her breasts and rear end, she would do it when she knew it was just the two of us and most of the time it was while she was in the kitchen. My friend would run upstairs to his room to get something and she would just lift her shirt or pull down the back of her bottoms. Sometimes she would even let me touch her.
I had dreams about her all thru high school and the summer after my freshmen year in college my friend called me up and asked if I wanted to come over for the weekend. My parents had moved so I was going to stay at his house, I was excited about it wondering if she would flash me again. I had no idea what I was in for that weekend.
I arrived and she gave me a hug, a really nice Mom hug and asked me what I wanted for dinner because she was going to head out and pick up groceries for the weekend. I have no idea what I told her because I was to busy remembering those beautiful breasts. We all had dinner then the two of us went out and did not get back until like eleven or so, I was bummed thinking that his mom would be off in her room asleep. We arrived home and she was still up in the living room, she was wearing a big fluffy robe and asked us how our night went out having fun. We briefly talked with her then went off to our rooms, mine was across the hallway from his and I laid there in bed remembering her body and wishing I had seen her today.
I fell asleep thinking of one particular time when she let me caress her breasts and nipples for quite some time while my friend was showering. I woke up thinking that I was dreaming but soon realized that my bed was moving for real. I turned my head to see her crawling across the bed, there was a small wall light on and I could barely make out her body but she was not wearing a top because I felt her breasts drag across my arm. She moved right up by my head and her breasts were right above my face, I was so amazed when she gently slid one right across my mouth and nose. I opened my mouth and began licking and sucking on it and she did not pull away at all, instead she moved around sliding the other one over to me. I reached up with my hands and began caressing the other one while licking and sucking. I was so turned on that I could feel myself hardening quickly, I had no idea how this was going to turn out but at that moment I was going to enjoy her breasts to the fullest. She stayed like that for a while, softly moaning while I licked and sucked on her nipples. She then started pulling away and moving downward but she was pulling the blanket and sheet with her. I laid there full of anticipation barely breathing as her fingers slid under the front of my shorts and pulled them down. I could feel her breath on my penis, it was hard as ever and sticking up a little bit. Her lips pressed into my shaft and she kissed it up and down licking and sucking on the base then slid down further and did the same to my testicles. I just about had an orgasm just from all of that but knew as soon as she started sucking on me I was going to lose it.
She licked her way back up and sure enough I lasted for about nine or ten sucks and I was cumming, she did not even miss a stroke with her lips and just sucked me all down. I was trying to be as quiet as possible as my penis pulsated between her lips, she sucked on me for a few minutes after I came and it was the best blow job I had in my life. She told me to go back to sleep and she would be back again tomorrow night.
The next day was awesome, she flashed me a few times and even let me touch her. I was in heaven so far with the weekend turning out far better than I could ever have imagined. I could barely contain myself when I went to bed that night, I laid there trying not to get up and go to her room. I finally heard the bedroom door opening and told myself that I was going to give her a great orgasm by licking every inch of her body. She climbed on top of me again and I started caressing every part of her I could reach, I got my fingers under the waist band of her bottoms but she whispered in my ear that I did not want to do that right now. I whispered back that I really wanted to pleasure her but she told me that she had mother nature going right now so just lay back and let her pleasure me. She was topless again so I caressed her breasts every chance I got and she let me lick and suck on her nipples some but not as much as the night before, she gave me an intense blow job that I have never forgotten.
I left the next day and thanked her for a great weekend.

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  • This sounds amazing , how old did you say she was ? Women of all legal ages for sex are absolutely fantastic however my best experience to date is with my Handicapped Mother in Law , Eve. We had moved in and I worked nights so we were alone all day together, subsequently I caught glimpses of her naked a few times because she’d need help with things. This women seduced me while I was getting out of the shower.i did not resist and the excitement and rush I got from this beautiful mature women giving head then begging me to fuck her was so amazing. Our coupling went on for months, most every week day we’d fuck or I’d lick her beautiful pussy. She was an artist with her mouth and hands too. I have but one regret, I was never able to take any naked pictures of her as after about six months she succumbed to her illness and died. I know she left this earth a happy and satisfied women.

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