I can’t stop cheating 2

I posted the other day about my not being able to stop cheating. I want to be clear it’s not just black men. I have had sex with men of all races. Most the guys I cheat with are white cuz where I live that’s the most available. But I’ve had sex with nearly all my husbands friends. Ok so I’ll start with a few confessions.

I always care a slutty outfit in a bag in my car. Normally a dress that’s really revealing. When I get off work most days I change and go to a bar or two and seduce a guy or two. I love to have sex with married men. Mainly because it’s safer and I’m not a fan of condoms. I should describe myself some. Im blonde and very athletically built. Im 5’8” 145 lbs c cup boobs with a big ass. I’m in really good shape I love to workout. And I think the sex helps me stay in shape.

So the most recent time I cheated was after work today. I got off put on my small black dress it’s tight and barely covers my ass. I wore nothing underneath. I went to the bar and got a drink and waited. Not two mins go by and a tall muscular guy walks up and starts talking to me. I see his ring ask if he is married he says ya. I grab his hand to let him know that doesn’t bother me. And I said wanna get out of here. He said ya so we got in my car and I drove us to the adult toy store cuz they have viewing rooms I often use for sex. We had gotten kinda handsy on the way. We got in and he sat down and I took my dress off and pulled his pants down I sucked his dick for a bit then got
On top and rode him till he came in me. I got up and put my dress on and took
Him back to the bar. He wanted my number but I didn’t give it to him. He was ok but not good enough for me to want him bad enough to have him texting me. I left went to another bar and did save thing again. Then I went home and had sex with my husband even had him eat me out. The lights were off so he didn’t know he was eating cum. I’m a big fan of that the idea always turns me on.

If anyone has any questions ask. Also I can keep sharing I enjoy talking about some of this stuff with people that don’t know me.

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  • Is my penis small it's 3 inches hard be serious

  • I had a girlfriend that would fuck everyone. My friends, too. She was a fucked up person for many reason and at the time I thought this was one of them. She lied constantly and manipulated me. I let it happen, though as I could have walked away.

    It would make me so angry and jealous but I always wanted her pussy. There were numerous times I believe she had me eat her out after being with someone else. I was hot but still made me jealous. I let myself go into a deep depression over it for years, ended up hating her. I thought I was losing a great love at that time. I wish I had seen it then for what it really was. She was a slut and enjoyed being one, and she loved dominating me. I'm really glad I didn't marry her but she loved kinky sex.

  • I'm married late 20's.But my cheating began pretty much in the early days of me and my husbands relationship.I must've been 22,we hadn't been together a full year yet.I was staying at his place alot more and met his mid 30's neighbour.
    Then some point down the line I fucked him.Man he was good,in every way,nice thick,8 inch cock and great stamina and lasting power.He just knew how to fuck.It carried on for a while,right up until my boyfriend proposed and then for a bit after we got married.I stopped fucking the neighbour,thinking marriage would change me but even after we got married,my hubby got a promotion and just worked alot more.So I got bored,gave into temptation,paid the neighbour a visit and he fucked my pussy damn good.I thought a "one off" would do it but just needed more and it was so easy.Just send him a text and I'd be round in 5 minutes and his dick would be in me in 15.

  • How are you sure its safe just cuz they're married?They could be screwing other women too or their wives could be screwing other men?

  • It’s still a safer bet then single men that are good looking enough for me to be interested in. They are all screwing around trust me. Also I get tested for stds regularly to make sure I’m aware.

  • I’m kind of the same way but not quite as aggressive as dressing up and going to a bar. I do enjoy cheating on my husband though and love talking about my experiences too. Do you want my email so we can chat?

  • Sure what’s your email?

  • Luckysniper34@aol.com

    Thanks for replying btw.

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