I slept with my friends dad

Ok what i did was so bad, i fell out with my friend real bad on a night out but after an hour or so apart i found her getting chucked out this bar on her own with two guys trying to take her back to theirs, so after telling them to fuck off i called her dad and he came and picked us up. but as we where waiting she confessed to me that she kissed my ex boyfriend and it was her fault we broke up. angry and pissed off i stayed quiet and after her dad picked us up and he took her up to bed, i stayed downstairs and got very upset. by the time he came back down he saw that i had been crying and tryed to comfort me.
now hes like 50 bald and not hot at all and he's always been abit of a pervert towards me but you know what some men are like. but i was angry upset and drunk and i kissed him.
this then led into us sitting down on the sofa with him putting his hands up my top and then down under my skirt and at that point i just thought “why not” i didn't have to wait long and his head was between my legs licking me out and fuck me he was good at that. he got me so close to cuming that i had to stop him and i got on my knees and repaid the favour. soon after hed stripped naked, taken everything off me apart for my ankle boots (he seemed to like them) and was on top of me inside me.
im afraid to say i didnt ask him about condoms i just accepted it and although the sex started off normal soft and sensual over time we changed positions and it got more rougher and degrading than im normally used to. slapping spitting and hair pulling so u get the idea. amazingly he did make me cum and not long after he came in me. followed by pushing my head down so id clean him up which was disgusting. after he went up to bed and i slept on the sofa and cried as i could believe what i had done.
however next day (sunday) my thoughts had changed on the matter and i felt different about it, its only last night (wednesday) iv been messaging him and hinting about doing it again, am i that wrong and sick? this guy is disgusting and hes like 50 and im 19, its so wrong but i just seem to want more. am i that sick? what is wrong with me?


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  • I've slept with a couple of my friends mom's over the years and I have even had sex with my drunk mom and she thought she was having sex with my dad at the time. She was calling me by Dad's first name telling me how much she loves me and wants me to suck on her nipples and cum inside of her because she wants to feel my hot cum inside of her vagina. I really wanted to tell her it was me her son and not dad but I think she would have made me stop so I just did as she asked me to. I really loved the experience of my her nipples and the opportunity to cum inside of her vagina. I was able to sneak out of the bedroom before she had a chance to turn on the lights and as far as I know she has no idea that it was me and not dad that had sex with her that night

  • I fucked an older guy in his 50s when I was 18. He was disgusting looking, chubby, and bald. But he fucked like a God. He could last longer than any guy my age could. And he had me all over the place. Was pretty spry for an old guy.

  • I am 18 F and I to was taken to bed by my BF father who made love to me for a good five hours cumming in me three times. we laid together for what seemed like eternity him kissing me and I him and when he'd start playing with my nipples I knew he was going to take me again and again he would.
    I started in going over to his house during the day when my BF is at work and his father and I got right into his bed for I knew what he wanted and I love giving it to him.
    Well the sex I got during the day started in playing against the sex my BF wanted at night then one evening just as my BF came in me I told him god I love you cumming in me like that and called him his fathers name, it got all quiet all of a sudden and he got up off of me and asked what I meant by calling him his dad's name and I answered him by telling him that he's been on my mind a lot lately living alone and not dating anyone then totally un intentionally he said well why don't you go to bed with him, you want me to do that??? I couldn't tell him I already have for the past two months almost daily.
    He said we're suppose to go over to his place for dinner on Saturday dress sexy for him and see what he does.

  • Hot

  • The guy sounds like a real douche, you were still buzzed or drunk after he picked you two up and took you home? He should have left you alone and went to bed and beat off, what a loser.
    If you want to get back together with this guy because you really enjoyed the sex and getting the daddy treatment then fine but just from your short story of the situation I would advise staying away from him all together.

  • I think he would be even more of a loser to not try his lucky and beat off in bed over her. end the day he slept with the girl so guess he didnt really loose, and if she enjoyed it too? nobody is at a loss

  • Relax and keep it quiet, do it again if u want? regardless of age you are both adults. you haven't mentioned your friends mum? is she even in the picture? as for feeling bad? its new, and the sex was prob not what your used to, older men know what they like trust me.

  • When my best friend left with her mom for her senior vacation, I was waiting in their backyard. They said their goodbyes and drove off, and their dad came out and we fucked right there in the sunshine. We spent a wonderful week fucking and partying.

  • That must of been some week. Is he hot?

  • A silver fox type. Everyone has a crush on him.

  • Nothing to be ashamed of, I too have slept with my friends dad. He wasn't in shape either, always came across like a prick, but we had a long 4 year sexual relationship. We only ended it cause we grew apart. Once in a blue we run into each other. A little innocent kiss here and there.

  • Normal. Dirty sex is hot, it's so animalistic.

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