My husband and I went with a couple of friends (Rick and Janet) out of state to see a concert of our favorite band. The hotel only had one room available, so we stayed together--one room with two queen beds. It was just going to be a quick overnight thing. The concert was great, and we had a good time having drinks afterwards in the bar. We were all pretty lit.

When we got back, our friends Rick and Janet started making out on their bed. I said, "I'm not sure if I can handle this," and went out for a cigarette, expecting my husband to follow to give them privacy. Like a lecherous fool he stayed behind to watch them fuck. When I got back, my husband asked me if I wanted to play. Evidently our friends were into it too. I damn near needed another cigarette to process that shit.

I'm no prude, but I don't really get the swinging thing. I asked my husband if he absolutely, truly wanted do try it, and he said yes. I spend my life trying to make him happy, so I said, okay, just for tonight. We put our beds together and had sex, all four of us, for the next hour or so. To be honest, it wasn't that bad. I fucked Rick a little and my husband screwed Janet. We also did some daisy chaining, which was kinda nice. After we all got off, I figured "that was that" and we all slept. Page turned, bucket list item checked, right?

Well, the next morning I wake up (hungover bad) and my husband is fucking Janet again on the floor. Her boyfriend Rick was still asleep. I asked wtf are you doing? I said it was supposed to be a one-time thing. They sensed my anger, so they stopped, but I could tell that my husband had already seeded her. That pissed me off too, because the night before we had used condoms. Bareback was a no-no.

The three-hour drive home with the four of us was really fucking awkward. Everyone seemed to act like none of that shit happened, but everyone could sense that I was irate. I just pretended to sleep most of the way. My husband and I have only been married a year, but fuck, he is such a piece of shit.

To me, he cheated that morning.


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  • When it comes to a man once his cock becomes aroused there is no turning back for him, he needs relief and once his cock starts to fuck there's no stopping now till he blows his load. Takes two and if their like my husband all it takes is one kiss and he's committed.

  • There should've been much more communication between you and hubs before that all happened. You weren't secure enough as a couple to handle that, basically because you never went over any "ground rules" beforehand (such as, sex only when all four are awake and ready might be a good one to start with). Men are horny bastards, but they don't view sex the same as most women do. Whenever there is an opportunity, they'll likely go for it.

    Now the serious question is, are you and Rick going to have an opportunity to even the score? My wife and I have done this before, but we learned early on to only "play with" other secure couples - and my first red flag was that Janet and Rick were not married, just dating. You only get the reciprocal respect from others who are in the same commitment level as you, at least that's my opinion.

    What you did definitely means you're not a prude, but hubby has to be made aware of the rules hereon out.

  • Yeah, he messed up, but honestly it just may come down to the fact that you and your husband aren't sexually compatible, he likes swinging and you don't. Is that something that you can live with? Or is not swinging something that he can live with? You guys need to make a choice or one of you is going to be unsatisfied in the marriage. Good luck

  • You need to turn the page one this one. I sense that you are a little jealous that your husband and Janet like each other, and it's obvious that they do, if they decided to have an encore performance the next morning. Of course if they liked fucking the night before they were going to do it again. Set firmer ground rules next time or simply don't swap with another couple again.

  • Wake up you prude get with the programme your swingers, if your with people you know and are confident with going unprotected is great, if any women are not on the pill they know the potential consequences.
    I know two couples that were swinging with a group that included coloured they both gave birth to mixed children had to leave town and claim they adopted the poor kids.

  • OH dear you appeared quite happy to have everybody shagging like rabbits the night before then in the morning even though he did not wear a condom it's the worst thing in the world that they get at it again, something wrong with you, it's called swinging your husband was enjoying himself.

  • Wow, yeah, if it had been a condom on policy and he is suddenly breeding her while the spouses are asleep, how do you know they are still not fucking?

    The seal is off the jar.

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